For a Brazil free from hunger, Armazém do Campo starts the

The people for the people, for a Brazil free from hunger. On the cold night of this Thursday, in São Paulo, the “People are to Shine, Not to Die of Hunger” Campaign was inaugurated, organized in partnership with the Landless Workers Movement (MST).

The initiative, which has the support of 25 community kitchens, is another example of how popular solidarity has become a key element in fighting the pandemic in Brazil. By the 2nd of August, 8,000 lunchboxes will be distributed to communities and families in situations of social vulnerability.

“Today we are here to show solidarity with these comrades and these comrades. And to say that solidarity alone will be able to open the way for us to be able to change this situation”, says David Zamory, from the State Directorate of the MST/SP.

Yesterday’s action was aimed at people living on the streets, in the country’s largest city, and had the support of Rede Rua members. The delivery of 100 lunchboxes, as well as warm clothes, was staged at Armazém do Campo – the MST’s space for the sale of Agrarian Reform products in São Paulo.

“Our challenge in this cold weather is to cope with the growing demand. We have been facing daily the increase in the homeless population, and the increase in the personal demands of each person. It’s clothing, food, documents “, explains Andreza do Carmo, project coordinator at Rede Rua.

The cold weather in São Paulo comes in a context where nearly 120 million Brazilians remain without enough food to face the economic and health crisis.

“There are almost 20 million people in a situation of hunger. Half of the Brazilian population is in food insecurity. And the population that suffers most from this is the population on the streets, who are unable to have a job, to be able to have a home , and suffers every day with the violence perpetuated, mainly, by the State”, points out Zamory, from the MST.

In addition to fighting hunger and the effects of winter, the initiative marks the celebrations for the five years of Armazém do Campo, in São Paulo. Today, the network is a reference in providing healthy food to large urban centers.

All 28 stores in thirteen states receive food directly from MST settlements and camps.

“Strength and fight. And we hope that the warm weather will help save lives that this genocidal government has taken. There are already more than 500,000 deaths. So that’s what we want to do. And invite those who don’t know, to come and see ours store, and the other stores for those who are not from São Paulo”, concludes Ademar Ludwing, national coordinator of the Armazéns do Campo chain.

*with information from Alessandra Monterastelli and Manuela Hernández

Edition: Isa Chedid

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