Former Chancellor of Peru confirms that he resigned on request

Former Peruvian Chancellor Héctor Béjar said he only left office at the request of Pedro Castillo’s chief of ministers. In an interview with Correos del Alba magazine, the sociologist stated that he did not intend to leave the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but that he received a request from Guido Bellido and then submitted his resignation.

“I understand that the resignation was accepted, but so far no one in the government has communicated directly with me,” Béjar said.

The departure just 20 days after taking office was motivated by a campaign of discredit in the Peruvian media, which rescued old statements about the relationship of the Peruvian Navy with terrorism in the country and the insurgent group Sendero Luminoso with the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA (CIA).

Former armed forces commanders demanded that Castillo dismiss Béjar and right-wing parties called for acts in front of the Ministry to press for his resignation.

Everything happened between Sunday and Wednesday (18th). Héctor Béjar said the current Defense Minister had asked for a public retraction to make peace with the Navy, but the former Chancellor had refused, asserting that his statements were based on historical evidence.

“The first terrorist attacks took place in 1974 and were committed by men from the Navy. That is in history. If people want to erase it, they can try, but they won’t force me to say anything else,” he said.

Although his first interview took place in February, before Héctor Béjar took public office, the videos were enough to “unleash a far-right campaign against me,” the former minister declared.

The Peruvian Navy is threatening to file a lawsuit against Béjar if the former official does not publish an apology.

Béjar also denounced that the former government did not pass on any information about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to its team. “We found an abandoned state. There was a formal transfer, but not in practice,” he said.

The former minister confirms that his first actions at the head of the chancellery, such as the departure from Grupo de Lima and the meeting with Venezuelan foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza, were other triggers for the pressure to leave office. For Béjar, this confirms that Peruvian elites seek to prevent the new government from having a sovereign foreign policy.

“The ultimate goal is President Castillo. In fact, the right has never recognized that the people won the presidency. Until today, Peru has been ruled by a dictatorship of monopolies, economic groups and the news media, who are now surprised and unwilling to accept that the The country’s political and social situation has changed,” declared Héctor Béjar.

In addition to the former chancellor, Prime Minister Guido Bellido also suffers retaliation. The Public Ministry opened an investigation for alleged links to terrorism based on a statement by a third party.

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“If the government does not rely on popular mobilization, it will only have to talk to Congress, which is prepared to take it to the fire”, analyzes Héctor Béjar.

Pedro Castillo has not yet confirmed who will be the successor, he assured that he is evaluating names and should disclose the chosen one this Thursday afternoon (19th).

Edition: Thales Schmidt

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