Former RJ councilor Cristiano Girão is arrested on suspicion of

An operation by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro arrested former councilor Cristiano Girão this Friday morning (30), in São Paulo, where he currently resides. The other target of the action is retired PM Ronnie Lessa, who is already in jail for the death of councilwoman Marielle Franco and driver Anderson Gomes.

The operation unleashed by the police took place after the discovery of a double homicide involving Girão and Lessa. The discovery came from the testimony of witnesses and a Google search by Lessa about news of the deaths of the couple André Henrique da Silva Souza, Zóio and Juliana Sales de Oliveira that occurred in 2014.

The murder took place in the Gardênia Azul neighborhood, on the west side of the state capital. The couple was in a Honda Civic, driven by André Henrique, when he was intercepted by a white Fiat Dobló, from which several shots of firearms were fired. According to testimonies, Ronnie Lessa carried out the crime at the behest of Cristiano Girão.

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According to the portal G1, information contained in the investigation reveals that, at the time of the crime, Gardênia Azul was in a territorial dispute after Girão’s arrest. And the victim, André Henrique, was a militia member from Campo Grande, in the west of the city, who was trying to dominate the region.

On July 19, the former councilor was denounced by the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ) for the crime. He was in a maximum security prison outside Rio de Janeiro at the time of the murders of André and Juliana, but, according to the MPRJ, he still controlled the gang from there.

Cristiano Girão’s defense stated that the arrest of the former councilor seven years after the crime “is strange” but will file a habeas corpus still this Friday (30).

Who is Girão?

Cristiano Girão Matias was a Rio councilor for the National Mobilization Party (PMN), today he no longer has party affiliation. In 2009, he was convicted of leading the Gardênia Azul militia, in Jacarepaguá, west of Rio, and lost his mandate.

After being in prison for eight years, serving a sentence for conspiracy, he was granted a pardon in August 2017 and has been on parole ever since. Girão served most of his sentence in the federal prisons of Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul and, finally, Porto Velho, Rondônia.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

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