Four months of impunity mark the murder of

Educator, young, peasant, gay. Lindolfo Kosmaski, who died on May 1 this year, had his body charred. The crime, with evidence of homophobia, remains unpunished after four months of what happened in the city of São João do Triunfo, in the state of Paraná, where he lived.

The prosecution has already filed the complaint and the preliminary defense has been presented, but it has several open questions. Micheli Toporowicz, a lawyer and assistant prosecutor in the case, explains that the police investigation began on May 1, the day the body was found. During the investigation, three suspects were arrested, who were the last people who had contact with Lindolfo. Of these prisons, only one was held. Micheli says that “the crime was very well premeditated and well executed to hide all traces of authorship”.

Today, the case is still in the initial procedural stage: the investigation was concluded by the police authority, it was forwarded to the Public Ministry, which filed a complaint on the 11th, and was received by the magistrate the following day. In other words, the procedural phase began, but still without a solution.

“The next steps in assisting the prosecution will be for those accused to be brought to the Jury Court as soon as possible, at which time it is expected that justice will be applied in accordance with the gravity and cruelty of the commission of this murder”, he points out The lawyer.

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Lindolfo’s murder is not an isolated case. According to a survey by the LGBTIA+ and Gay and Gay Group of Bahia, published on May 14, in 2020 there were 237 violent deaths of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals.

There were 224 homicides (94.5%) and 13 suicides (5.5%). There was also an increase in murdered transvestites: a total of 161 transvestites and transsexual women (70%), 51 gays (22%), 10 lesbians (5%), 3 transsexual men (1%), 3 bisexuals (1%) and 2 heterosexual men confused with gays (0.4%).

Lindolfo, present!

Lindolfo was 25 years old and was a student in the field of Education in the Field at the Latin American School of Agroecology (ELAA), located in the Contestado settlement, in the municipality of Lapa (PR). He participated in several MST training activities, such as courses and meetings of the LGBT Sem Terra Collective and Agroecology Journeys.

In addition, the young man worked as a teacher in the state school system in Paraná, and in the last municipal election he ran for councilor for the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) in the municipality of São José do Triunfo. During the period of the murder, he was continuing his studies in the master’s degree program in Science Education and Mathematics at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR).


Lindolfo’s death had national and international repercussions. Artists and public figures such as singer and songwriter Daniela Mercury, federal deputies Talíria Petrone (PSOL), David Miranda (PSOL), Valmir Assunção (PT), João Daniel (PT), José Guimarães (PT) and many others manifested. in repudiation of what happened.

Several popular movements and organizations in Brazil also denounced Lindolfo’s murder. Through the hashtag #JustiçaPorLindolfo, several declarations of solidarity with family and friends were published on social networks. On May 19, there was also a public complaint presented to the Commission on Human Rights and Minority of the Chamber of Deputies.

Internationally, the case was denounced during a Hearing at the City Council of Paris, France, on May 18, and posters occupied the streets of New York, United States, on June 27, during the LGBTQIA+ Liberation March. The case also had repercussions in international communication vehicles.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Lia Bianchini

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