Four projects deal with “covid’s passport” in Curitiba

With the advance of vaccination around the world, one of the controversies created is the so-called “vaccination passport”. In Paris there have been protests from people who did not get vaccinated and are against the obligation to provide proof of vaccination to attend crowded places. New York is also expected to adopt a model to allow crowding indoors. In Curitiba, four projects being processed at the City Council deal with releases and restrictions associated with vaccination.

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The first of them, by Mauro Ignacio (DEM), provides for the “creation of an identification device for citizens immunized against covid-19, a kind of green seal to authorize entry into bars, restaurants, parties, concerts, cinemas, theaters and others similar, guaranteeing the security of such establishments and the permanence of opening”.

The proposal by Flávia Francischini (PSL) defines that the company organizing the event should promote the testing of participants, before entering the venue. Similar measure presented later by Pier Petruzziello (PTB) to condition the resumption of events, shows, exhibitions, fairs, congresses and the like in the city of Curitiba and other measures.

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He describes as criteria the need for a “negative test for covid-19 carried out within 48hrs before the start of the event, proof of complete vaccination (1st and 2nd doses) and sufficient data to enable the screening of participants after the event has taken place .”

Councilor Dalton Borba (PDT), thinking of people who travel, proposed the “Municipal Certificate of Immunization and Health Safety (CMISS) during the Covid-19 pandemic”. The measure has the “purpose of bringing Curitiba to the forefront of the adoption of necessary and indispensable measures during the covid-19 pandemic and its total control, so that the sanitary measures adopted until then are no longer necessary”.

The councilor also emphasizes that the certificate of vaccination must be “free and issued by public health services or by doctors in private activities, duly accredited for this purpose by the competent health authority.”

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Curitiba maintains the yellow flag, but making social control measures more flexible. The city expanded the operation of commerce and hosted events with up to 300 people. With one million people with the first dose and more than 433,000 immunized with two doses or the only one, the municipality sees a reduction in the number of cases and deaths. Currently, Curitiba has 5,877 active cases.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Lia Bianchini

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