General President of STM complains about pension news

The president of the Superior Military Court (STM), General and Minister Luis Carlos Gomes Mattos, opened the work of the superior court in a session held on the 2nd of this month, the first after the mid-year recess, criticizing the Brazilian press and accusing -that of “wanting to destroy the country”.

The reason: the media (the general did not mention which ones) do not publish positive news about the Armed Forces, focusing only on negative issues related to the military and the federal government. As an example, the magistrate cited reports – again, without saying which ones – that would point out the high value of pensions paid to family members of military personnel.

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“We only see criticism, hammering all government actions, and we don’t see anything positive,” said the general. After citing what he considers positive actions by members of the Armed Forces, he regretted that the press did not publicize these achievements.

“We open the newspaper, we only read news like those talking about pensioners of military ministers, who ‘are earning this, earning that’, only this news, which makes us upset,” lamented the minister, who continued:

“Nothing positive is shown. Nothing! It makes us very sad about it. Our parents are very big, very rich, but we only see these people wanting to destroy him, unfortunately.”

The general did not specify, however, who would be the people willing to destroy the country, nor how this could be done through reports dealing with military pensions.

O Brazil in fact, then, contacted the STM so that the general could comment on the matter and clarify the targets of his criticisms. Until the publication of this report, however, there was no response. If the superior court or its president responds, the information will be included in this publication.

The August 2nd session was broadcast live on STM’s YouTube channel. See the excerpt referred to below.

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For STM President, “Pazuello is a Democrat”

In an interview given to the magazine Look published on June 17 this year, General Mattos said that General Eduardo Pazuello, former health minister, enjoys his full confidence.

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Ultimately, it would be up to the STM to judge any crimes committed by Pazuello, who is an active-duty military. The general-minister, then, already anticipated the magazine Look what is your conviction about the former health minister: “I know General Pazuello. I have no doubts about his competence and honesty.”

Edition: Leandro Melito

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