Gleisi Hoffmann expresses support for Ricardo’s entry

The national president of the Workers’ Party (PT), federal deputy Gleisi Hoffmann said on Monday (2), that she wants the affiliation of Ricardo Coutinho, in the subtitles in Paraíba. Last Saturday (31), some PT sectors held a meeting and expressed dissatisfaction with the likely coming of the former governor to the party.

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“Ricardo is a great companion and the party is grateful for everything he did in the worst moments of the party, especially during the coup against President Dilma and during Lula’s arrest, and that, therefore, to receive Ricardo and other members of the PSB from Paraíba, in the PT, it is very important for the party,” said Gleisi.

“I learned that many PSB comrades would like to come to the PT and when we were talking with ex-governor Ricardo Coutinho, together with President Lula, we asked him about this and he actually said that there is such a will. he would also be willing, he said yes, and our position, both mine and that of President Lula, is one of welcome. Ricardo is a great companion. This does not mean that the positions we will take in relation to the 2022, but having Ricardo in the PT, for sure, is very important for us. So our position is favorable, obviously we will talk with our colleagues from Paraíba about this, but I think it would be an important thing for the PT to have Ricardo Coutinho in our ranks,” he declared.

Membership Support Manifest

On the night of Monday (2), the PT of Paraíba published a Manifesto in support of the affiliation of Ricardo Coutinho, Cida Ramos, Estela Bezerra, Jehovah Campos and Márcia Lucena to the legend.

In a statement, 113 PT members from Paraíba stated that “the main leader of the left of Paraíba, Ricardo held historic governments in front of the João Pessoa city hall and the state government and was a loyal and proactive ally in the PT’s good and bad times, notably in the impeachment coup against President Dilma and in the persecution and imprisonment of President Lula” and explain that” despite the manifestation of some groups that make up the party leadership in Paraíba against these affiliations, using empty arguments that echo the attacks of Right, the majority of the party base is in favor of Ricardo Coutinho joining the PT, as we understand that he and the other PSB comrades who accompany him are our long-term partners in supporting the causes and projects that we defend for Paraíba and the country”.

Click here and check out the full manifesto.

Source: BoF Paraíba

Edition: Heloisa de Sousa

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