“Greatest fighter in history”, Cuban wins fourth

Mijaín López was the first to win four gold medals in four consecutive Olympics in the Greco-Roman wrestling modality, and five world championships, considered the greatest medalist in the history of the sport. The 38-year-old Cuban athlete has been practicing the sport for 29 years, and he competed for the first time in an Olympics in Athens, in 2004, where he got fourth place.

Considered “invincible”, both in Rio, in 2016, and now in Tokyo, his opponents could not score a single point against him during the Greco-Roman wrestling, in the 130 kg category.

::Venezuela’s first medal in Tokyo was dedicated to Chávez on his birthday ::

“We are showing that nothing beats us. I’m just doing my job, with what I promised when I left Revolution Square,” declared López.

Considered the “greatest fighter in history”, Mijain honored the legacy of the Cuban Revolution. “I have to thank and dedicate this result to our undefeated commander, who was the one who took care of the sport in Cuba. I believe that we deserve this result thanks to him and the effort that our revolution has made,” he said, right after the Olympic final.

In a phone call, President Miguel Díaz Canel congratulated the athlete “champion, you are an inspiration for Cuba, it’s dignity! A Cuban like you fills us with pride,” he said.

Mijain López, a native of Pinar del Río, began lifting weights as a child, helping his parents carry boxes of vegetables, vegetables and coffee. He started in the sport at the age of 10, suffered an injury at the age of 13 and almost abandoned the Greco-Roman wrestling. However, at the age of 17, he was called up by the Cuban national team and, five years later, he represented his country in Athens.

Only this Monday (2), Cuba won six Olympic medals, totaling 16 awards, being in 19th position, right after Brazil, in the ranking of the Tokyo Olympics.

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Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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