Guaidó employee resigns as president of

A week after the intervention of the Superintendency of Companies, a body linked to the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, at Monómeros SA, the president of the company, appointed by Juan Guaidó, resigned from her position. Carmen Elisa Hernández stated in a letter that the company is in a “serious situation” and that she agrees with the intervention of the Colombian state.

Colombian media are commenting on the possible escape of Carmen Elisa Hernández, accused of corruption in the contracts between the petrochemical company Monomeros SA and the US distributor of fertilizers and chemical products, Nitron Group LLC.

Monomeros, a Colombian subsidiary of Venezuelan petrochemical Pequiven, supplies 50% of the Colombian national fertilizer market, employs 1,400 people and generates over 900 indirect jobs. Since 2019, the Venezuelan public company was managed by employees appointed by Juan Gauidó, recognized by Iván Duque’s management as a legitimate authority in Venezuela.

On September 6, the Superintendency of Societies intervened in Monomeros alleging “mismanagement”. The Bolivarian government denounced the case as a “blatant theft” of Venezuelan public property. The general management of Monomeros also published a statement criticizing the Colombian state’s move and declaring that they would resort to legal measures to reverse the decision.

Carmen Elisa Hernández, former president of the company, declares that she agrees with the intervention and repudiates the note written by the rest of the directors of Monomeros. “They are making a clear confrontation against the Colombian state, which has given its unconditional support to the interim government,” he wrote in the resignation letter.

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Carmen Elisa Hernández is a mechanical engineer and was the only employee of the board of directors appointed in 2019 who remained with the company until 2021. Between 2008 and 2014. she was the general director of the municipality of Baruta during the administration of Gerardo Blyde, current head of the opposition delegation at the Mesa de Dialogue Nacional, which had its first round in Mexico earlier this month. According to the opponents themselves, Hernández would be the name indicated by Leopoldo López – Guaidó’s right-hand man and founder of his party.

On social networks, both Chavistas and opponents accuse Carmen Elisa of opening the way for the delivery of the Venezuelan company to the Colombian state.

Edition: Arturo Hartmann

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