Hate Attacks: Pocketnarists Try to Invade Ministry of

The hate attacks promoted by extremist militants had a new episode this Wednesday (8), in Brasília (DF). Supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) tried to invade the headquarters of the Ministry of Health (MS), on the Esplanada dos Ministérios, and harass journalists.

The pocketnaristas were restrained by the institution’s security, which later had the presence of the Military Police (PM) at the site. Some press teams, such as those from broadcasters record and CNN, needed to shelter inside the building and wait for the escort of agents to have better security conditions when leaving the ministry. According to official information from the PM, there are no injuries.

In a statement, the direction of the Union of Professional Journalists of the Federal District (SJPDF) even informed that it contacted the Public Security Secretariat of the Federal District to demand safe working conditions for the press on the Esplanade on Wednesday. The entity requested police support for the release of the teams that were in the building.

The attempted invasion of MS also had repercussions among politicians. “Brazil, with almost 600 thousand dead, the economy in tatters and the Pocket Narist horde insists with its coup impetus”, said, on Twitter, federal deputy Pompeo de Mattos (PDT-RS).

The presence of supporters of the president in Brasília caused other disturbances in the institutions’ routine. Due to the attacks registered on the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the National Congress during the anti-democratic protests of September 7th, the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG), announced, still on Tuesday night (7), the cancellation of sessions scheduled at the House for this week.

Backstage information collected and disseminated by the newspaper The State of São Paulo point out that the decision was based on fear of security problems for parliamentarians in the face of hate speech.

Pacheco would also have considered that there is no climate for voting and debates to take place due to the worsening institutional crisis, created and stimulated by Bolsonaro.

In the Chamber, there are activities on Wednesday (8), but some parliamentarians complain about the climate generated by the attacks by pocketnarists. In a video published by Twitter, deputy Paulo Pimenta (PT-RS) reported difficulty in entering the building through the hat shop, the main entrance to the House.

“While I am here at my workplace – because I was elected by the Brazilian people to represent the people of Rio Grande do Sul – I am being prevented from entering by the hat shop, which is under siege. We have here some of these unemployed people – and they certainly came here paid – who are harassing the parliamentarians, trying to intimidate us”, said the PT member, pointing out that the protesters follow Bolsonaro’s guidelines.

The attacks and hostility recorded against lawmakers, journalists and public servants this Wednesday (8) come a day after the undemocratic protests of 7 September, in which Bolsonaro once again attacked the STF and raised the tone against Minister Alexandre de Moraes.

On the occasion, the president brought together, in Brasília and São Paulo (SP), a horde of extremist supporters who cultivate authoritarian agendas. The group evokes themes such as military coup, closing of the Supreme Court and Congress, in addition to denial banners, contrary to the prevention of covid.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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