Hildegard Angel: “Have you noticed the increase in cancer in Brazil? O

Last Wednesday (1), journalist Hildegard Angel, who is hospitalized with covid-19, spoke out, using her Twitter profile, to criticize agribusiness and the problems caused by the use of pesticides in products that end up on the table of Brazilians, causing illness and death.

The journalist, daughter of Zuzu Angel and sister of Stuart Angel, both tortured and murdered by the military dictatorship, praised small farmers, cooperatives and the Landless Workers Movement (MST) for “bringing food to Brazilians.”

Check the full text:

The letter of this Monday (30/08) from the Brazilian Agribusiness entities must have been a difficult delivery, pulled by forceps. It took too long, she played distracted, she counted stars on the horizon, while Bolsonaro belched smugness, as if he had them all in his hands.

AGRO in Brazil has a history of invasions, land grabbing, hard-faced theft of public lands, foggy deeds, western notary offices, armed jagunços killing farmers, families, priests, environmentalists, indigenous people. AGRO does not produce food for the Brazilians’ table.

AGRO produces exports, commodities, the dollar on Wall Street, and the worse for us, the better for them. We are reputed to be the big vegetable garden that feeds the world, but it’s all a fake TV campaign. It is the small farmer who brings food to the Brazilian table, the cooperatives, the MST.

But this is not publicized because the little ones don’t have money for the campaign. AGRO is DEATH, the dumping of tons of pesticides on crops, water, soil, prohibited in the 1st. world, which the evil policy of this posh, easy-spoken Minister of Agriculture has managed to free.

The truth is hard, the truth hurts, but that’s how it seems to them. Open your eyes, Brazilians! Have you noticed the impressive increase in cancer in Brazil? AGRO is death, AGRO is cancer, AGRO are Brazilian billionaires living abroad, in the most opulent penthouses on the planet.

This top-of-the-line AGRO took three years to write and publish a “patriotic” letter this Monday, because everything is GREAT for him. The problem is that the “market”, “Febraban”, “Fiesp” and others decided to cut off BolsoGuedes because the economic policy is a catastrophe.

Geopolitics also scares AGRO, with the apocalypse of Afghanistan. The US has demonstrated that it is no safety net for anyone. It’s save yourself who you can and look there.

There are many parallels in our media of the bloodthirsty Taliban with the Pocketnarist bandit militia.

Not forgetting ZERO children, labeled by social media analysts as psychopaths, greedy and dishonest. AGRO is not interested in being identified with this bunch. And I’m not even saying that AGRO isn’t like a Corja variant either…

We are a powder keg. The militias loved by this dystopian government blow up cities, kill innocents. The fetid odor of death intoxicates our lungs, the smell of burnt people, animals, forests, Indians.

For Bolsonaro, in his perversion, a “paradisiacal” odor that must inspire decayed bodies in a shallow grave, blood trampled from torture in military bases, meat burned in ovens at sugar mills, pus from young people raped in the Casa da Morte. the perfume you deserve.


My friends. I haven’t talked about it here yet because there are too many priorities. But I have been hospitalized for days, with COVID, very well treated by my doctor dr. João Gaspar, but with a cleaver over his head. As with everyone in the same condition.

This is certainly why I have been more forceful than ever in my writings.

I don’t know what day tomorrow. I don’t want to leave anything unsaid. You don’t deserve it. Brazil doesn’t deserve it.

It would be so nice to talk only mild things. Just remember the wonderful world that was always in front of me. Parties, travels, fashion, friends, great friends, poetry. My fashion memory projects, of which I am very honored to be the pioneer in Brazil. The Fashion Museum. The first higher education course in RJ, conceived by me, with the tonic of Brazilianness, the attachment to our roots, delicacies, weaknesses, which I learned from the brilliant woman who was my mother. The affectionate gaze not only for the beautiful and opulent, but also for the simple and simple. This brave, impetuous and surprising mix of our country.

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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