If the widow of Nóbrega denounces Bolsonaro es su fin, dice

The former president of the Vila Isabel samba school, Bernardo Bello Pimentel Barbosa, accused of being one of the partners of the Oficina del Crimen call, met with businessman Eduardo Vinícius Giraldes Silva to try to prevent him from reporting Julia Mello Lotufo, widow the militiaman Adriano da Nóbrega and the current wife of the entrepreneur. At the meeting, Bello recommended not naming any member of the family of President Jair Bolsonaro.

Imaginense si esa chica denounces Bolsonaro saying ‘mira, mi ex (Adriano da Nóbrega) estaba siempre con so-and-so’. It would destroy him. And yes, you can destroy it. However, he will end his life”, warns Bello, without specifying that the president’s family members held daily meetings with the militia.

The dialogue took place during a meeting that took place inside a car, in front of the building where Giraldes lives, in the Barra da Tijuca neighborhood, in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil in fact You have access to the recording, from one hour and 11 minutes, from this meeting. The source that delivered the audio to the newsroom refused to inform the closing of the meeting. Without embargo, it is a fact that the conversation took place after April 26th and before August 17th of this year. In addition to Giraldes y Bello, in the interior of the vehicle is Pablo Barra Teixeira, a business lawyer.

In another part of the audio, Bello explains to Giraldes how Julia Lotufo should organize her testimonies. “As soon as it says ‘no, I’m in the lo sé… Ay, I’m in the puedo’, she’ll be fucked, because he’ll press her. I’ll say ‘the guy lays down on the bed and confides in you.’ My ex-husband was crazy, a lunatic, a captain of the totally insane police, who just lay on the bed and the only one he had, when there was, it was to say hello and goodbye.”

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Bello’s intent was en vano. According to Veja magazine and the R7 portal, Lotufo presented, on July 7th of this year, a proposal for an award-winning denunciation to the Public Ministry of Río de Janeiro. In the document, she would accuse the former president of Vila Isabel of being a partner of Adriano da Nóbrega, in charge of the Oficina del Crimen, an organization that houses assinos to Sueldo and is accused of having executed the former council of Río Marielle Franco in marzo of 2018.

In his complaint proposal, according to press publications, Lotufo confirms that the meeting took place in the car in front of the building where the couple lives. Images of the security system of the condominium for the meeting and future attached to the process.

Julia Lotufo is accused of participating in money laundering and is under house arrest. The Civil Police maintains a patrol in front of the building of the widow of Adriano da Nóbrega 24 hours a day to guarantee its security.

Los Bolsonaro and Adriano da Nóbrega

The president’s family is mentioned on the most occasions in conversation. In the second fragment, Bello argues with Giraldes that he considers Julia Lotufo’s situation “complicated”, and that her case became politicized, precisely because of Adriano da Nóbrega’s relationship with the Bolsonaro clan.

“Obviously, el infierno astral that is traversing political es, hombre. That’s why they want, in any case, to marry these types, the family that is in power and, unfortunately, their ex-husband (Adriano da Nóbrega) was involved with them”, explains Bello.

The last time he spoke of the Bolsonaro family, Bello quotes Flávio Bolsonaro, senator from Río de Janeiro. The former president of Vila Isabel said that it was difficult to get out of the news the name of Julia Lotufo.

“La estrategia es politica, hombre. You are 100% political. Have you ever seen a deceased remain in the press for so long? How long has Adriano died? After the day of today, it appears. On the Fantastic program the other day. ¿Why are you so much in the news?”, asks Bello. Giraldes answers: “Because it involves, which is yo, the name of the president.”

“Yes, hombre. It involves Queiroz, who Adriano had to see with Adriano. Queiroz is doing Flávio Bolsonaro’s burnout and who wants to destroy Bolsonaro? La press, hombre”, declares Bello.

Among the members of the family, Flávio Bolsonaro was closest to Adriano da Nóbrega. In testimony to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rio de Janeiro, the senator admitted that the militiaman was his shooting instructor and that he met him through a teacher, Fabrício Queiroz, who is accused of being the operator of a corruption scheme in the workshop of the parliamentary.

During his term in the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj), when he was a state deputy, Flávio Bolsonaro hired Danielle Mendonça, ex-wife of Nóbrega, and Raimunda Magalhães, mother of militia, signed in February 2020, in a shooting with the Military Police of Bahia.

In 2005, Flávio Bolsonaro, still as state deputy, gave Adriano da Nóbrega, in Alerj, the Medalla Tiradentes, the maximum distinction of the state. At that moment, he expolicía complícia condemns and he was detained in preventive detention for murder.

Death threat

The meeting between Eduardo Giraldes and Bernardo Bello was organized by Pablo Teixeira, in response to a request from his client. The entrepreneur claims to have heard that the former president of Vila Isabel intended to sign him.

“What scares me so much is that in my life, my life is totally opposed, do you understand? I don’t get into crimes, on the machine, I don’t go anywhere, I walk around Barra (from Tijuca), everyone knows me and I only know you”, explains Giraldes. “A heap of thoughts arose that you were going to kill me. I swear to you. You’re gonna kill me, you’re gonna arrest me, because I’m a bitch. ¿Yo? What do I have to do with all this? Nothing.”

Bello reports that it was learned that Giraldes visited a friend in common, former military policeman Adriano Maciel de Souza, known as Chuca, who lost a leg to receive a shot in an attack on the 30th of this year.

“Then I explain to you where you enter the story. Do like a month, say more, say less, a friend in common among the three here (Chuca), look for a friend more and say ‘Vaya, hermano, malas noticias’. Say “¿Qué pasó?’ ‘Good, the ese type (Eduardo Giraldes) who is on a newcomer, the married with the widow (Julia Lotufo), I study here with me and I say that the widow wants shit and fuck, that she’s going to ruin you and decide a heap of shit about you’. Y yo: ‘¿What?’ “Am I lying?”, asks Bello.

Intimidated, Giraldes es succinct en su answer: “Esa parte no la sé”. Bello replies. “Have you studied with the guy I say, the guy who lost the pierna?”

Annoyed, Bello rises to the top with Giraldes. “Give me the urge to take your house and decide ‘hermano, repeat what you said’. So, did he shoot and move wild? Have you lost the pierna or the cordura? “Perdió la pierna o el cerebro?”, he asks.

Chuca was with his security guard when he was fired, inside an armored vehicle. The vehicle had received at least 25 556-caliber shots. A 2014 investigation by the Homicide Division identified the ex-military police as a member of a pandilla who worked with guns and guns in Rio de Janeiro.

The deceased and the widow

During the conversation, Giraldes reveals how he approached Lotufo, after helping to hide her, while she was a policeman, just after the death of the militia, her ex-husband. “Adrián (of Nóbrega) muere en feverro. Shortly after, I meet her in… (inaudible) … Fratelli (restaurant in Río de Janeiro)”, he recalls. “She lived in la casa de la madre. I had an apartment that was empty. Le dije: “Quédate allí’. No ulterior motives. How to approach a widow who cries 24 hours a day?”

The businessperson continues to talk about his relationship with Lotufo and explains that it has depression. According to Giraldes, the widow of Adriano da Nóbrega takes several medications. “Medium sedated fall, it would be a cowardice”. “I was able to take medication for whatever it was. I just can’t take medicines for a single thing, which is for me, because I never wanted to do damage and never want to”, assures Bello.

In another fragment, Giraldes decides to explain how he dealt with his wife’s relationship with Adriano da Nóbrega’s secrets and secrets. “Eso, Bernardo, is a pain that belongs to him, I can’t take it. Everyone has normal curiosity for understanding the story. Yo no. When empieza this theme, ella habla de él, yo me alejo. In the sequien it was security, quién mataba, quién in the mataba, quién robaba, who had what, who got into buildings, in the se. Because I don’t ask, and I think she doesn’t have to know, because Adriano was a persona who didn’t speak”.

Before saying goodbye, Giraldes explains the routine of the couple and the care with Julia Lotufo. “Bernardo, you never descargó la tobillera, hermano, I don’t allow it. La enchufo, like a cell phone… There is nothing. So that there is nothing (problems con la Justicia). Dicen that it takes three hours, it takes six”, concludes.


Married to Julia Lotufo, Giraldes is a well-known business man in Rio de Janeiro. In the city, you used your olive acceptance brand, Royal, to sponsor four major football clubs in the state, Flamengo, Vasco, Botafogo and Fluminense, as well as Atlético-MG, Belo Horizonte.

Giraldes is also unaffected by the Rio de Janeiro carnival. The entrepreneur sponsors stages in the parade, where soccer players, singers, actors, and other famous characters pass by.

But where do you save so much money? According to the Federal Public Ministry, Giraldes is part of a credit card cloning band. In 2016, the entrepreneur was sentenced, in the first instance, to 8 years and 3 months in prison for criminal association, injury for burnout, qualified injury and forgery of documents.

In August 2020 the conviction was confirmed, but the sentence is reduced to 5 years and 10 months in prison. The Giraldes passport was ignored by the Federal Police. To leave the country, the entrepreneur must request an authorization from the Court.

Other side

Brazil in fact I could not contact Eduardo Giraldes and Julia Lotufo, or their lawyers. Bernardo Bello’s defense declined to comment. After the release of this article, the presidency of Brazil had not sent a note. If it manifests, the information will be updated.

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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