Ilha do Pavão (RS): crowdfunding is launched for

For decades, residents of Ilha do Pavão, located between Porto Alegre and Guaíba, have suffered from a chronic problem of lack of water, a situation aggravated by the covid-19 pandemic. This is due to the low pumping of water on site and an inconsistent supply service.

Therefore, the Vitória da Ilha do Pavão Association is carrying out a new campaign to provide water tanks for the region’s residents. The campaign has an initial goal of R$ 10 thousand, aiming at the purchase and installation of at least 24 new boxes of 250 liters each for storage. The link to help her with the campaign on is

The first collective financing to guarantee drinking water was carried out in early 2021, in partnership with the NGO Misturaí, which made it possible to install 12 water reservoirs for community use. As the region has a population of 860 people, a partnership with Hackatown allowed the creation of a new campaign to expand the supply.

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The ultimate goal is to reach a total of 48 boxes, with R$ 20,000 collected, part of a broad project to improve the community, developed by the association of residents and partner institutions, with work and income activities, urban garden, communication , between others.

Since 2020, Associação Vitória, led by community leader Sandra Ferreira, has been fighting for a solution to the regular supply of water with the city hall. With water it will be possible to develop the autonomy of the community, such as the planting of their own food, with the construction of a community garden.

“We are going through a great transformation and one of them is self-love and our appreciation as human beings. We decided to value ourselves, and our fight now is for water. We deserve to have water to drink, make food and bathe. To have water on the island. it tastes of hope for great changes,” says Sandra.

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The campaign and project for the development of the island are carried out by Associação Vitória with Hackatown, Misturaí and Translab Urb, in partnership with the Institute of Architects of Brazil (IAB-RS), the NGO Em Comum and Engenheiros sem Fronteiras – Núcleo Porto Alegre . Inspired by the documentary Ilha das Flores, by Jorge Furtado, the campaign video was scripted and directed by Artur Santana.

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Associação Vitória, from Ilha do Pavão, serves 130 families who live there, totaling 860 people, including 120 children and 75 teenagers. Most residents work with recycling, in addition to fishing. The region also welcomes Haitian and Senegalese immigrants who lived on the streets in Porto Alegre. Currently, the NGO Misturaí is carrying out a census to better understand the profile of the community.

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

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