In a message on 9/11, Barroso says it’s not possible

The Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Luís Roberto Barroso, went to social media to comment on the 20 years of the attack on the World Trade Center towers, in New York, USA, organized by Al-Qaeda, by Osama Bin Laden In the text of the publication, there may have been an irony to President Jair Bolsonaro (no party), who this week raised the tone with the Court.

“20 years since the 9/11 attacks, sad moment in recent history. Two lessons: 1. Terror, like violence in general, builds nothing. 2. Enlightenment and democracy are not taken anywhere in the world with troops, missiles and tanks. Education, culture and justice are the right weapons,” stated Barroso.

Last Friday (10), the minister had already recommended, also on social networks, that his followers listen to the song “Passion of a man”, by Waldick Soriano. The publication came hours after Bolsonaro claimed that Barroso has “nice words” but “that won’t convince anyone.”

In his live last Thursday (9), Bolsonaro made homophobic statements and quoted the minister. “If it announces that it is announcing new protective measures at the polls, it is because they have a loophole. Because, Barroso, they are penetrable. Got it, Barroso? Minister Barroso, understand? The urns are penetrable, people can penetrate them. Democracy is contradictory. I can like it and you don’t like it. Can you imagine if I like the same thing as Barroso?”, concluded the president.

In the demonstrations last Tuesday (7), in a coup speech, Bolsonaro attacked the STF, calling Minister Alexandre de Moraes a “scoundrel” and saying that the Supreme could “suffer what we don’t want.”

The next day, Bolsonaro released a letter to the nation saying that he had no intention “to attack any Powers” and that the harsh words he uttered in his speech were due to “the heat of the moment.”

The retreat caught on badly among Bolsonaro’s electorate, which faced criticism from its allies. Today, at an event in Esteio, in Rio Grande do Sul, the president commented on his note. “It is not to say whether this or that Power was victorious, the victory has to belong to the Brazilian people, the victory has to be yours, because only then will we be able to live in harmony.”

Edition: Mauro Ramos

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