In a new day of tension, US car bomb explodes

A new explosion was recorded in Kabul this Sunday (29), after the United States carried out an unmanned air strike on a vehicle loaded with explosives near the city’s international airport, the country’s only exit point.

According to the Pentagon, the aim of the action was to prevent members of the EI-K group, the local branch of the Islamic State and rival of the Taliban, from using the vehicle to promote a new bomb attack, such as the one that caused the death of at least 180 people. last Thursday (26).

The US Department of Defense reported that the objective of the action was achieved. Bill Urban, a spokesman for the US Central Command, said there was no evidence of civilian casualties.

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A secondary explosion, resulting from the large volume of explosives present in the vehicle hit by the unmanned bombardment, was also confirmed by the spokesman.

The US attack was considered likely, as President Joe Biden promised reprisals against El-K for the death of 13 US military personnel in last week’s bombing. On Saturday (28), Biden stated that a new offensive by the fundamentalist group was imminent.

The explosion deepens the tension in the Central Asian country, while Western countries rush the operation to evacuate thousands of foreign and Afghan civilians who collaborated with the US regime. The deadline stipulated by the Taliban is August 31st.

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Withdrawal of Brazilians

Brazil was left out of an agreement between 97 countries and the Taliban that provides for the safe exit of foreigners from Afghanistan. The international note of the agreement was published this Sunday (29) by the US government, but has not yet been publicly corroborated by the new Afghan government.

This is not to say that Brazilians will not be able to return safely. The international community’s expectation, expressed last week by the rich countries that make up the G7, is of free and safe passage for foreigners and Afghans who decide to leave the country.

“We have received assurances from the Taliban that all foreign citizens and any Afghan citizens with authorization to travel to our countries are allowed to proceed in a safe and orderly manner from the points of travel and departure from the country,” says the statement released today by the USA.

Itamaraty said on Friday (27) that it had rescued a person born in Brazil – without Brazilian nationality – and his family from Afghanistan.

From there, they were taken to Spain. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they left Afghanistan on a flight carrying diplomats and military personnel. Everyone is doing well.

Edition: Arturo Hartmann

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