In Ceará, voters from three municipalities choose new

Last Sunday (1st), three municipalities in Ceará underwent Supplementary Elections to occupy the position of mayor, given that those elected in the 2020 Elections could not take office due to impediments to the Electoral Court. They were: Pedra Branca, in Sertão Central; Martinópole, on the Far West Coast and; Missão Velha, in the Metropolitan Region of Cariri.

In Martinópole, James Bel (PP) and Filipão (MDB)’s ticket had its victory in the 2020 Election annulled because, according to the decision of the ministers of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), James was ineligible to run for the election because he was dismissed for abandoning the position of teacher in the municipal education system. In the supplementary elections, Concrete of James Bel (PP) was elected, with 4,297 votes (50.58% of the valid votes). Filipão followed as deputy.

In Missão Velha, last year, he had elected Dr. Washington (MDB) and Fitinha (PT), who could not assume the mandate, as Washington has a conviction in the second instance for administrative improbity in the Court of Justice of Ceará (TJ-CE ), so the Regional Electoral Court (TRE) recognized the plate as ineligible, after the opinion of the Electoral Public Prosecutor’s Office. In the new election, Dr. Lorim (PDT) and Rodrigues Roberto (PDT) were chosen to occupy the position, with 11,994 votes (52.84% of the valid votes). The coalition also has PSB, PSD, PCdoB and Solidarity.

In the case of Pedra Branca, Antônio Góis and David Melo, both from the PSD, had their elections annulled, as the Electoral MP would have revoked the registration of Antônio Góis’ candidacy. He was considered ineligible for having resigned as mayor in 2019, when a complaint was filed with the City Council for fiscal responsibility crimes such as fraud in bids and agreements with companies contracted by the city. In the new election, Matheus Góis (PSD), a relative of the cassado, was elected with 13,060 votes (54.38% of the valid votes), with David Melo (PSD) as vice-president. The ticket had the support of the PSDB, Citizenship, PSL, Republicans and DEM.

The EC Regional Electoral Court reported on its website that, “according to TRE-CE Resolutions 810/2021, 817/2021 and 819/202, which set the date and approved instructions for the holding of supplementary elections for the positions of mayor and of deputy mayor of, respectively, Martinópole, Missão Velha and Pedra Branca, the electoral judge will certify the mayor and deputy mayor elected by the deadline of August 13, 2021. It should be noted that it is up to the Chamber Municipal to set the date of inauguration of the elected”.


According to information released by TRE-CE, approximately 57 thousand voters went to the polls last Sunday. The municipality of Martinópole has 9,347 voters, of which a total of 8,657 attended the polls, totaling an abstention percentage of 7.39%, a result lower than in the 2020 Elections, which was 8.44%. In Missão Velha, of the 27,602 voters, 23,624 voted, which represents 14.41% of abstentions. In 2020, this percentage was 13.11%. In Pedra Branca, of the 32,063 voters, 24,937 turned out to the polls. The city registered an abstention percentage of 22.23%, in the 2020 elections, this percentage was 18.65%.

Source: BoF Ceará

Edition: Francisco Barbosa

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