In RS, deputy Edegar Pretto is confirmed by the PT as

The Workers Party (PT) confirmed the name of state deputy Edegar Pretto as pre-candidate for governor of Rio Grande do Sul in the 2022 elections, this Monday (13th), in Porto Alegre (RS). The announcement was made at the launch of the movement ‘Rio Grande e Presente. For all your people’, with the participation of former governors Olívio Dutra and Tarso Genro, senator Paulo Paim and deputies from the party’s state and federal benches.

The construction of Pretto’s pre-candidacy began a few months ago, and was endorsed by parliamentarians, leaders, activists and supporters after face-to-face and virtual debates, held as of June this year in 27 PT regional offices across the state. The deputy was defined as a name that synthesizes the party’s renewal, due to its capacity for dialogue, political leadership and commitment to the social base. With the confirmation of the name, the project is also affirmed as a viable alternative to the democratic fields that will be closer to former president Lula in RS.

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With the message of passing the baton, in a meeting defined as a symbol of union, of the sum of ideas, thoughts and forces to bring Rio Grande back to its vanguard role in defending the rights of the entire population of Rio Grande do Sul, the leaders members of the party declared that the deputy has the full support of the two former governors, the senator, the PT benches, militants and popular movements. For PT members, Edegar Pretto is the right name to head this great national collective project in RS that is already underway.

“We have a tradition of being in the same trench, especially in the struggle for democracy. Edegar receives our experience, and is able to carry out all the work, not only from our administrations, but from all those who work in a serious way”, pointed out Tarso Genro.

Olívio Dutra, who in addition to being a friend is a member of Congressman Edegar’s mandate, highlighted that the PT’s management did not get everything right, according to him, due to the complexities of life. On the positive side, the former governor believes that people have not forgotten everything that has been done by the administrations, especially with respect to human beings.

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“Edegar, you are an heir of a legacy that goes back to the time of your father, the late Adão Pretto. We are going ahead in this fight, because politics is the construction of the common good with the people’s protagonism”, declared Olívio.

Edegar Pretto is 50 years old and was born in Miraguaí, in the Celeiro Region. He has a degree in Public Management and has his origins in family farming. Son of Adão Pretto, federal deputy who died in 2009, Edegar is in his third term as state deputy. He was the party’s most voted in the three elections in which he participated, and leader of the PT caucus in the Tarso government. In 2017 he was president of the Legislative Assembly, when in his popular inauguration about two thousand people occupied the Matriz square for an act of public support in the Capital.

In the last election, he voted in almost 480 municipalities, and accumulates the mark of being the most voted in PT history in the state Legislature. The deputy has good experience in various productive and economic sectors in the state, such as food production. One of his internationally recognized causes is the work to end violence against women, which led him to be a member of the National Committee Eles Por Elas, of UN Women, and coordinator of the Gaucho Committee Eles Por Elas, the only state committee in the country authorized by the UN.

In-person schedule by state

Starting this week, Pretto intensifies the presence in person in agendas across the state, starting with the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre. Then, it goes on to work scripts in municipalities in the Interior, which is already a characteristic of the parliamentarian. The proposal is to travel the state with this movement, supported by polls that indicate the leadership of former president Lula.

Next week the itinerary will be in the Celeiro, Norte and Alto Uruguai regions. Also in September, he will visit the Central Region, and in October, the South and Serra. Afterwards, the calendar will be drawn up that will include the other regions. In the programmed activities, it is a priority to listen to the sectors about regional development, involving food production, education, health, industry, technological innovation, universities, among others.

“This movement we created was to build this Rio Grande present. But all this by way of dialogue, without hate and revenge. Let’s talk to whoever is willing to strengthen our project. I started my journey very early, I know Rio Grande from end to end, and in this collective spirit, with the legacy of those who came before us, we are going to walk towards a better future”, summarized Pretto.

During the event, Edegar, Tarso and Olívio talked about state issues, including labor achievements and popular participation, considered one of the main characteristics of PT governments. They also rescued achievements of the governments of former presidents Lula and Dilma Rousseff.

Former governors analyzed the country’s situation

Issues involving the current president were not left out of the conversation. Tarso and Olívio, instigated by Pretto, analyzed the current situation in the country. They cited Bolsonaro and his government as responsible for the mismanagement of the pandemic, increased poverty, hunger, unemployment, high food and fuel prices, and disrespect for Brazilian institutions. On the best way to rescue Brazil and rebuild Rio Grande, they said that the way is for Lula to return, with the support of the population.

In a video message, senator Paulo Paim says that the time is now to join forces, and reaffirms the friendship and companionship he has with Edegar. It highlights that this movement launched today is the consolidation of the struggle for a more active Rio Grande in people’s lives.

“Edegar, you can count on me. You are a faithful portrait of personality, political vision and spirit of solidarity. A man of word, dialogue, love, work, head and heart, just like his father, our always remembered Adão Pretto”, he recalled.

According to the president of PT-RS, federal deputy Paulo Pimenta, as of this officialization, the party will expand discussions with allied acronyms. He says that the leaders have already talked to the parties in the popular camp, and that all have shown their willingness to build a new project for Rio Grande do Sul.

“We still have a good amount of time for debate and dialogue, but we are motivated by a great unity that will guarantee a strong platform for Lula in RS through the leadership of Edegar”, explained Pimenta.

Regarding Lula’s visit to Rio Grande do Sul, Pimenta said that the former president is adjusting his schedule, and has already made himself available to organize an itinerary with Edegar Pretto for a caravan in some municipalities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Katia Marko

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