In the centenary week, Sesc shows the series “Paulo Freire, um

Next Sunday (19), between 2 pm and 6 pm, SescTV will show the five episodes of the documentary series “Paulo Freire, Um Homem do Mundo”. Directed by Cristiano Burlan, the audiovisual work is composed of five episodes, which recall the life and work of the Brazilian educator and intellectual Paulo Reglu Neves Freire (1921-1997), recognized for his influence on the movement called Critical Pedagogy – which aims at the development of education through the individual’s awareness of their reality.

All episodes of the series are available on the SescTV website.

On Saturday (18), the live “Paulo Freire 100 Years: Thoughts, Experiences and Derivations”, broadcast live at 4pm on Youtube.

The meeting promotes the live broadcast of debates on the main issues that strain the sociocultural and educational agenda with the participation of social educator Bel Santos Mayer – one of the creators of the Caminhos da Leitura Library project, which promotes reading in remote spaces in the region Parelheiros, in São Paulo, by director and screenwriter Cristiano Burlan and educator Moacir Gadotti, who is a retired professor at the University of São Paulo (USP) and honorary president of the Paulo Freire Institute.

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The series “Paulo Freire, Um Homem do Mundo” is divided into five episodes: The Formation of Thought; the 40 Hours of Angicos; the Exile; from the Pátio do Colégio to the Pedagogy of the Oppressed and the World is Not, It’s Being.

All mix testimonials from family members, professional colleagues and close friends of the thinker. The series deals with the life and work of the educator from Recife, through the 40 hours of Angicos – a literacy experience with adults from the interior of Rio Grande do Norte –, his exile in Geneva and his actions as secretary of education in the city of São Paulo , also investigating the reverberation of his thinking in the arts. Paulo Freire, Um Homem do Mundo invites us to delve into the trajectory of one of the greatest Brazilian intellectuals.

Source: BoF Pernambuco

Edition: Vanessa Gonzaga

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