In two days, SP has fires that burn state park,

This Sunday afternoon (22), residents of various neighborhoods in the city of São Paulo had their homes taken by ashes from a large fire in Franco da Rocha, in Greater São Paulo. The fire started at Juquery State Park, around 9 am, due to the fall of a balloon.

The Franco da Rocha City Hall informed that agents of the Fire Department and Civil Defense are on the spot to contain the fire. However, the relief in the region and the strong winds make it difficult for the teams, who have not yet managed to advance.

Also according to the local government, the park lost vegetation in 50% of its 2,000 hectares to fire. The Military Police’s Eagle helicopter was called in to cooperate with the operation.

::Climate Observatory warns of the risk of a new tragedy caused by fires in the Pantanal::

Around 3 pm, neighborhoods in the North of São Paulo, such as Vila Maria, Casa Verde and Santana, and even in the East, such as Mooca, reported the arrival of soot on social networks. According to the Emergency Management Center (CGE), of the city of São Paulo, the strong winds carried the ashes of the fire.

Parque do Jaraguá registered a fire on Saturday (21)

Also in São Paulo, the fire took over an area of ​​the Jaraguá State Park, last Saturday (21), endangering the Tekoha Itakupe, which is located there. Firefighters took about 10 hours to contain the fire.

Arnóbio Rocha, member of the rights committee of the Brazilian Bar Association of São Paulo (OAB-SP), informed that he will ask the Civil Police to investigate whether the fire had arisen accidentally or if it was provoked. “The fires are apparently criminal,” said the lawyer, in an interview with the G1 website.

::Research reveals: 20% of the Brazilian territory caught fire at least once between 1985 and 2020::

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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