Indigenous teenager aged just 14 is murdered in

The cruelty of the murder of a young indigenous woman, just 14 years old, in the municipality of Redentora, in Rio Grande do Sul, raised several expressions of repudiation. The crime was committed last Wednesday (4), but only on Thursday (5) the body of Daiane Griá Sales was identified.

The teenager was in a field, near a bush, naked and with her lower parts (from the waist down) torn apart. She had bruises all over her body. The young woman was found by a farmer on the Posse Ferraz line, next to the Estiva sector.

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The National Articulation of Indigenous Women Warriors of Ancestrality (ANMIGA) launched a manifesto of repudiation and denunciation of the crime.

“We have seen the killing of indigenous people day after day. But, it seems that it is not enough to kill. The refinement of cruelty is what tears our souls, just as they literally tore apart the young body of Daiane, who is only 14 years old. They dismember young bodies, of women, of peoples. We understand that the sets of violence committed to us, indigenous women, since the invasion of Brazil is a cold attempt to exterminate us, with heinous crimes that bleed our souls. The inhumanity exposed in indigenous female bodies, needs to stop !” they claim.

The young woman from the Kaingang ethnic group lived in the Bananeiras Sector of the Guarita Indigenous Land. ANMIGA also informs that the young woman was found in a field, a region where there were trees. There is a suspicion that it was a hate crime, due to the state of the body, however, there is a possibility that scavengers acted in the place.

“We will not let it go unpunished, nor will they silence us. We fight for human dignity, fighting gender violence and so many other violations of rights. Violence practiced by a sick society cannot continue to be trivialized, naturalized, filled with men without respect and human composure , savagery, disgust and macabrism. Anyone who commits such an atrocity with women who are daughters of the land, kills himself equally, kills Brazil as well,” they claim in the manifesto.

Feminist uprising of RS also manifested

The Feminist Levante Campaign against Feminicide in RS, which implements the Nem Pensa em Me Matar campaign, also denounced the crime, stressing that this could be the 50th femicide that occurred this year in Rio Grande do Sul.

“We need to stand up, raise our voices and indignation, to demand that this crime is investigated and those responsible identified. The impunity and the normalization of the deaths of women are transforming tragedies into common facts in our lives”, the note reinforces.

The Levante reinforces that “just when the Maria da Penha Law completes 15 years of existence, and when we demand that the Femicide Law be effectively implemented, we are once again challenged to continue fighting – denouncing, dialoguing with society, demanding power all measures to prevent, punish and eliminate violence against women”.

Federal Deputy Maria do Rosário (PT/RS) also manifested from her Twitter. “How much brutality against a young indigenous woman here in RS! This needs to be investigated and punished. My solidarity with your family and your community. All and all of us are affected by this tragedy!”

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Katia Marko

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