Interaction of police officers with pocketnarist content shoots

A survey produced by the Brazilian Public Security Forum points out that more and more police officers are demonstrating publicly or interacting on social networks with content linked to the main banners of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party).

According to the study, the presence of professionals from the security forces in pocket-sized networks in digital increased 27% from 2020 to 2021.

The increase occurred with greater intensity among enlisted personnel (low-ranking agents, including soldiers, corporals, sergeants and warrant officers) of the Military Police. The survey points out that 51% are pocket workers, which represents a growth of ten percentage points compared to 41% in 2020.

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The report by the Brazilian Public Security Forum also shows that 30% of soldiers interact with content classified as “radical”. The percentage was 25% last year. Considering high-ranking officers, 44% of the troop adheres to pocketnarismo. The percentage that interacts with “radical” content was 17% last year.

The research was carried out by extracting a statistically representative sample of 651 users on Facebook and Instagram with positions in police institutions, ensuring a confidence level of 95% and a 3% margin of error in relation to the universe extracted from the listed officers. on the Transparency Portals.

See the main infographics published in the study:

Infographic of the study “Politics between the military, civil and federal police in Brazil” / Reproduction/FBSP

Infographic of the study “Politics between the military, civil and federal police in Brazil” / Reproduction/FBSP

September 7th

The survey was published on the eve of the September 7 demonstrations called by the chief executive. The presence of police officers at the act has been a target of tension since the beginning of last week, when a colonel from the São Paulo Military Police was removed after declaring support for the act on social networks.

The publications by officer Aleksander Lacerda in favor of the demonstration and which were punished by Governor João Doria (PSDB) triggered a series of positions, from governors to associations that bring together active and retired police officers.

O Brazil in fact he pointed out, in an article published last week, with an interview with retired lieutenant colonel Adilson Paes de Souza, that agents who support undemocratic acts can be expelled from the corporation based on the rules of the internal regulations.

retired police officers

On August 25th, the Brazil in fact showed that agents of the São Paulo State Military Police reserve have used social networks to spread the idea that the demonstrations in support of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party), scheduled for September 7, have the support of members of the corporation .

Retired police officers deceive the audience on Facebook and Twitter with photos wearing police uniforms and with their ranks in the description of the profiles. They hide, however, that they do not belong to the current cadre of police officers.

Retirement guarantees protection for political party positions taken by officers, since only active police officers are strictly prohibited from making public demonstrations representing the corporation.

These movements by police officers worry Rafael Alcadipani, a researcher at the Brazilian Forum on Public Security and professor of public management at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), who commented on the case in an interview with Brazil in fact last Monday (23).

“I believe that we have never been so close to a Pocket Narist mutiny. I believe that, unfortunately, there is great adherence within the police, in different hierarchies, to Bolsonaro’s ideas. I don’t know to what extent this cannot generate a rupture”, explains Alcadipani.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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