International Comedy Festival starts this Thursday

The “Bobo – International Comedy Festival” starts this Thursday (16) and runs until September 25, featuring programming on platforms and social networks completely online and free of charge.

With thematic exhibitions, training workshops, opening and closing shows, the event has national and international attractions. The activities will be displayed on the Borogodó Group’s YouTube channel, creator of the project.

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The attractions have twenty comic sketches, which are distributed in categories of representation, produced by women, black, LGBTQIA+ and people with disabilities. The idea, according to Grupo Borogodó, is to “turn the game” in favor of these populations that have always been the butt of jokes.

The artists come from six Brazilian states, from the northeast to the south. In addition, the comedians who are part of these shows will be in contention for the Bobo Trophy, through the vote of the public, who may also compete for an exclusive statuette producing content for the festival’s social networks.

Check out the official schedule at the end of the article. More information on the website of the Borogodó Group.

Festival will have workshops and training

The Festival will have a series of training activities, with limited places, which will take place on the Zoom platform and target people aged 16 and over interested in studies and comic techniques.

Taught by Eveliana Marques Ekin, the workshop “Clown – the pleasure of being ridiculous” makes use of improvisation exercises and ring dynamics that put participants in contact with their inner clown. The workshop “Bufão – from charm to leachate”, with Aline Marques, explores the grotesque of bodies to make use of debauchery as a fundamental resource of these beings who have fun because they criticize reality through mockery. Entries must be made on this link.

official schedule

According to the Festival organizers, one of the highlights is the Clown Tomate. Lived by Argentine Victor Ávalos, the character brings to the festival his irreverent figure, sometimes naive, sometimes mordant, who gives shape to instruments, characters and devices to deal with common social themes of everyday life through the use of balloons, his trademark in 25 countries and more than two decades of career.

The company Os Geraldos, from São Paulo, which closes this edition with “Números”, shares the circus tradition, bringing together various mambemb artists in eccentric performances where it is impossible not to laugh.

september 16th / thursday

Opening show: “Puro Tomate” Clown Tomato (ARG) – 19h

September 17th / Friday

Afronight Show – 7pm

september 18th / saturday

Stand up Comedy Show – 19h

september 20th / monday

Show Look sheaa! – 19h

September 21st / Tuesday

Show Your Face – 7pm

Workshop “Clown – The pleasure of being ridiculous” – from 19:00 to 20:30

september 22nd / wednesday

Show Variety Show – 19h

Workshop “Clown – The pleasure of being ridiculous” – from 19:00 to 20:30

September 24th / Friday

Workshop “Bufão – From charm to leachate – from 7 pm to 8:30 pm

september 25th / saturday

Workshop “Bufão – From charm to leachate – from 10 am to 11:30 am

Closing show: “Numbers” – Os Geraldos (SP) – 5pm

Delivery of the Bobo Trophy – 20h

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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