João Pessoa will have a religious holiday on August 5th, the day of

A controversy has left the residents of João Pessoa in doubt. August 5th, the anniversary of the capital of Paraíba, will it be a holiday or not? According to the state decree, published on March 25, 2021, the Government brought forward the date to decree a holiday period to contain the advance of Covid-19 in the state.

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However, the City Hall of João Pessoa announced that it will not have office hours this Thursday (5) due to the municipal holiday in celebration of the city’s birthday. Even though the internal business does not work, essential and emergency services are maintained. On Friday (6), the municipal public offices return to activities, with no long holiday in the Capital.

What happens is that, legally, there are two laws that determine the holiday of the 5th of August, one municipal and one state. The municipal celebrates the day of the city’s patron saint, Nossa Senhora das Neves. State law concerns the anniversary of the capital, that is, the foundation of the city. The Government of Paraíba, therefore, only has the autonomy to change the second one. And the City Hall of João Pessoa kept the religious holiday.

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Under federal law, each municipality must establish four municipal religious holidays. They were defined in João Pessoa by the Municipal Government through Law 8,805 of June 23, 1999. In addition, the holiday in honor of the city’s patron saint had already been instituted by much earlier legislation – Law 796, of August 18, 1967. August 5th (city’s birthday), Good Friday, June 24th (St. John’s Eve) and December 8th (Day of Our Lady of Conception) are also official holidays.

With the municipal holiday, there will be no office hours. Commerce and services sector must comply with labor legislation in case of opening on the day. While each sector is organized to comply or not with the holiday decreed by the PMJP, the city will complete 436 years of existence.

Source: BoF Paraíba

Edition: Heloisa de Sousa

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