Justice in Rio maintains the use of tear gas and bullets.

The justice of Rio de Janeiro denied an injunction by the Brazilian Press Association (ABI) for the police to be prohibited from using tear gas and rubber bullets during popular demonstrations. The decision is made by Judge Regina Lúcia Chuquer de Castro Lima, of the 6th Public Finance Court of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro (TJ-RJ).

In the request, the ABI claimed that the use of the artifacts by the police has generated lethality and physical harm to participants, including some journalists, especially given the current scenario of covid-19.

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In the decision, the judge highlighted that the “use of this equipment must occur whenever necessary for the control of public order and protection of the population”.

“The tear gas and rubber bullet artifacts are non-lethal equipment to be used by the police in situations of need to control public order in order to protect the population and the police themselves, whenever the police situation gets out of control, with possibility of chaos to spread, seriously affecting people and public and private property.”

The magistrate stressed that cases of abuse or misuse of this equipment must be analyzed by the Judiciary. She also stated that events that bring together crowds “are difficult to control and can easily escalate into generalized aggression and turmoil, requiring the police to use all the artifacts available for their control, with the lowest number of victims possible”.

In the decision, Regina Chuquer defends that cases in which people are hit and injured should be submitted and analyzed by the Judiciary.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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