Legislative Chamber installs CPI to investigate ill-treatment

The Legislative Chamber of the Federal District (CLDF) this week installed a Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) to investigate cases of mistreatment and abuse of animals. The CPI will be chaired by Deputy Daniel Donizet (PL). Deputy Robério Negreiros (PSD) assumes the vice-presidency.

Donizet said that the Commission has a “very important mission, which is to guarantee the rights of animals”. The purpose of the CPI is to investigate the facts determined as mistreatment of animals, according to application 294/2019. Among the facts, there is the investigation by the Civil Police of the Federal District into the denunciation of sexual violence against a female pit bull.

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Veterinarian Victoria Vasquez highlights that the situation of mistreatment and neglect of animals is recurrent. “In a way, some people do not recognize the conditions to which their tutors are submitted. Like leaving a dog tied up in a chain to restrict movement, this is already a condition of abuse and is quite common,” he says.

For Vasquez, despite the existence of laws that criminalize mistreatment and negligence, the matter needs to be discussed by the State and also by society “so that there really is a reduction in these cases, both in stray animals and in domiciled ones”.

Professor Antonina Felizardo is currently the tutor of 14 rescued cats. For her, the installation of the CPI is a way to make the “State’s view” to animals official. She reports that when cooperating in rescues, she saw animals in undignified situations. “Of the cases I participated in, one that caught my attention was the rescue of an elderly cocker spaniel dog that had several fractures, a serious problem in one eye and, due to the lack of castration, had complications in the prostate”, he says.


According to the District Law 4.060/2007, abuse or cruelty, hitting, injuring, mutilating or keeping any animal in unhygienic places or places that prevent breathing, movement or rest, or leaving animals for more than 12 hours without food and water.

The crime is subject to imprisonment from two to five years, in addition to a fine and prohibition of custody.

For allegations of ill-treatment, the civil police can be called through the number 197 or through the Federal District Government Ombudsman through the telephone number 162.

Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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