Lenio Streck: “We need a single agenda for

Invited to talk about “The political culture of fascism”, lawyer, jurist and professor Lenio Streck was emphatic when he participated in the launch live of the 7th edition of Democracy and Fundamental Rights: “What holds Democracy is the Democratic State of Law” .

Streck showed concern with the fragmentation of the progressive agenda and stressed that focus is needed to face the current moment. “While we are lost in fragmentation, authoritarianism is the only agenda on the other side. Fascism is a single agenda because it is fascism, it has an essence and to face it we also need a main agenda.”

In a dialogue with lawyer Tarso Genro and sociologist Jorge Branco, the jurist said he does not believe in a coup, but emphasizes that the side effect of this fascist multiplication of everyday life will cost dearly. “The cloud of pocketnarism will remain even after Bolsonaro’s fall.”

“Fascism is embedded in the class structure of society. It is impregnated in part of the intellectuality and more complexly integrated in the bureaucratic and normative structure of the Brazilian State”, added Tarso Genro.

Streck recalled that even among university students the defense of Democracy is no longer a premise. “The law schools have never formed so many reactionaries. These people leave law school denying the law.”

When asked by Tarso about the role of the Armed Forces in the current Brazilian crisis, Streck pointed out as the source of the problem the decision of the Federal Supreme Court of 2010, which considered the application of the Amnesty Law also constitutional for those who killed and tortured during the military regime. : “It was a big mistake of the STF. We don’t see military personnel flirting with coups in Argentina or Chile, for example. Argentina and Chile tackled the issue”.

Regarding the political use of article 142 of the Constitution, which, for the Pocketnaristas, would authorize a military intervention in defense of the President of the Republic, Streck pointed out that the Supreme Court has acted correctly. “The Supreme is undergoing a Darwinian adaptation. Despite continuing to fail on social issues, his positions in defense of Democracy have been exemplary.” The professor cited as correct decisions the decrees of the arrests of federal deputy Daniel Silveira and PTB president Roberto Jefferson.

In addition to the DDF, the live “The political culture of fascism” was broadcast on the pages of Brazil de Fact RS, Sovereignty Network, Novos Paradigmas Institute and Tarso Genro.

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Katia Marko

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