Listen: Adriano da Nóbrega’s widow’s husband says that

Businessman Eduardo Giraldes, married to Julia Lotufo, widow of former militia policeman Adriano da Nóbrega, intends to spend R$ 6 million on legal proceedings to recover his wife’s passport – which is in possession of the Rio Janeiro State Justice, by force precautionary measure so that she does not leave the country. In addition, it would have already spent another R$ 6 million to obtain the revocation of a preventive detention order for Lotufo.

This is shown in conversations recorded between him and the former president of the Vila Isabel Bernardo Bello samba school, accused by Adriano’s widow of being the head of the “Escritório do Crime” in Rio de Janeiro. O Brazil in fact had access to these conversations. In the dialogue, the businessman – who, in turn, also has his passport seized for being investigated in other criminal proceedings – tells Bello his plan to leave the country, as well as the financial cost involved:

“I paid and I paid six bucks (million) and got her (imprisonment) at home. Now, today, the lawyer asked for another six to be able to release her to respond in freedom and remove her injunction, which is her passport, and (she ) will continue to respond in freedom, and let’s go.”

Widow’s driver told police where Adriano was hiding, says Bello

At another point in the conversation, Bello says that, in a way, the widow was responsible for the death of her ex-partner, as she would have been stopped at a blitz in her car, on February 8th of last year, 24 hours before the Adriano’s death, when he left the militiaman’s hideout, located on a farm owned by Gilsinho da Dedé (PSL), councilor of the city of Esplanada (BA), where the former policeman and then a fugitive from justice was hiding.

::Widow of Adriano da Nóbrega points out a version about ordering the murder of Marielle Franco::

“She stayed there, with Adriano, until the day before he died,” says Giraldes in the recorded conversation (listen above). “And the one who gave it to the police (the place) where he was was her driver, when they were leaving there, and they stopped at a blitz. The police ‘crushed her.’ Didn’t you know that story? Did she never tell you? asks Bello.

In obscure Rio de Janeiro slang, “atochar” means to violently impose something on an enemy, in search of his own advantage. See an example of the use of the expression in the tweet below, written by Eduardo Bolsonaro.

The conversation to which the report had access took place after April 26th and before August 17th of this year, since, in another part of the dialogue, Giraldes claims to have special attention to his wife’s anklet (imposed by Justice on Lotufo in the April 26), so that the device would never run out of battery, thus avoiding problems with the Court, with the ultimate objective of obtaining the release of the investigated passport.

On August 17, the country’s press published the widow’s winning complaint proposal to the Public Ministry, in which she assigned Bello the head of the “Office of Crime”, dismantling the version presented by her husband to the former leader. of the Vila Isabel samba school in the recorded dialogue that the Brazil in fact had access.

Anyway, the transformation of Lotufo’s prison from preventive to domiciliary was ordered by the minister of STJ Reynaldo Soares da Fonseca, in response to an appeal filed by the lawyer Delio Fortes Lins and Silva Júnior along with other legal practitioners (including his father), who sign the petition on behalf of the widow. Silva Junior is president of the Federal District’s Brazilian Bar Association (OAB/DF) and a criminal lawyer.

Excerpt from the decision that changed the arrest of Adriano’s widow from preventive to domiciliary. Among the lawyers are the president of the OAB-DF and his father. Current husband says he paid R$ 6 million for the service/STJ

On the afternoon of last Monday (23), the Brazil in fact asked Silva Júnior in writing if he received R$ 6 million to work on behalf of Julia Lotufo, having received the amounts through businessman Eduardo Giraldes.

He also questioned whether he would be charging another R$ 6 million to continue in the cause in order to obtain a decision releasing Adriano’s widow’s passport. Finally, he asked if the lawyer confirms that his client has a plan to leave the country as soon as the Court unlocks her seized document, as stated by her husband Giraldes.

Until the publication of this report, there was no response. If the entrepreneur’s defense comes out, his position will be included on this page.

The accusations against Julia and her strategies for leaving the country

Julia Lotufo is the target of an investigation in a process that is being processed at the 1st Specialized Criminal Court of the Capital (Rio de Janeiro). She is accused of having committed the crimes of criminal organization and money laundering, which were allegedly committed in partnership with her ex-husband. The suspect had his preventive detention decreed by the Court on March 15 this year, but remained at large until the case was won in an appeal filed with the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) by the president of the OAB-DF and its other legal representatives .

On April 26, the superior court accepted the request of the defendant’s lawyers and transformed her preventive detention into a house arrest, with the use of an electronic ankle bracelet and upon handing over her passport. Lotufo then presented himself to the police, handed over his passport and put on his ankle bracelet. Among the precautionary measures imposed by the Court, is that of “appearing to the Court, whenever there is a request”. Thus, in order to carry out – within the legality – the plan narrated by her husband to leave the country, a new court decision will be needed, altering her current legal status.

In order to obtain the passport back, an award-winning declaration of the widow to the Public Ministry is in the process of preparing. The idea would be to obtain, in exchange for the denunciation, both her passport back and that of her husband – who, in turn – is also a defendant in the courts and has his passport seized, in the context of another criminal case in which he is defendant and already convicted in two instances, but not definitively.

The dialogue between the businessman and Bernardo Bello happened thanks to the intermediary of Giraldes’ lawyer, who was acting to calm a conflict between the businessman and the former president of the samba school. According to the participants in the leaked dialogue, a rumor was circulating among people in the circle of the two interlocutors, that Latufo was planning to accuse Bello of being the head of the “Office of Crime” in Rio, which – according to the same rumors – would be leading Bello to plan the murder of Giraldes.

The meeting between the two – brokered by the businessman’s lawyer – took place in a car on a street in the west of Rio, and the recorded conversation lasted little more than an hour. With the help of the lawyer, both left the meeting satisfied, on good terms and without mutual threats, as evidenced by the recording heard by the report.

Despite this, according to a version leaked in the press and not yet approved by the judicial authorities of Lotufo’s complaint to the Public Ministry, the investigated, in fact, accused Bello in her testimony, assigning him the head of the “Office of Crime in Rio of January”. When the conversation took place, the former leader of the samba association still did not have this information, having stated to the businessman that he had nothing against him or his wife, according to what the report found through the recorded audio.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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