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This Wednesday (25), Covid’s Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) listens to Roberto Pereira Ramos Júnior, CEO of FIB Bank. The company was responsible for the financial guarantee of R$ 80.7 million to the Ministry of Health, which represents 5% of the total purchase price of 20 million doses of the Indian vaccine Covaxin for R$ 1.61 billion signed with the company. Medicines.

The company, however, is not authorized by the Central Bank to function as a financial institution or even to offer this type of policy. The operation also violates judgments of the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU), which determine that only financial institutions regulated by the Central Bank can issue bank policies.

“The provision of contractual guarantee in the bank guarantee modality provided for in art. 56, § 1, item III, of law 8.666/1993, issued by a company that is not a financial institution authorized by the Central Bank”, says the statement of one of the judgments.

::Covaxin case: what is known so far?::

In the application that approved the summons of Ramos Júnior, senator Tasso Jereissati (PSDB-CE) informed that there are indications of “fraudulent operation” between Need Medicines and the FIB Bank.

“The company has sought a company that is not even authorized by the Central Bank to act as a financial institution, which, we now know, had its capital paid up in a dubious way, and points out signs of a fraudulent operation”, said the congressman in the request that requested the bankruptcy company confidentiality.

According to one of Jereissati’s requirements, the company has a capital of R$7.5 billion, of which R$7.2 billion refers to a property in Curitiba, which does not exist.

“This is one of the biggest hoaxes I’ve ever seen in my commercial life: a company with capital of 7.5 billion, which was paid in through land that doesn’t exist. With all due respect, offering the Ministry of Health such a company as a guarantor of capital, of a volume of resources of this size, is a real shame. This really doesn’t exist”, said the senator at the CPI, during the testimony of Francisco Maximiano, owner of Necessidade Medicos.

Jereissati also informed that the partners and administrators do not “appear the technical or financial capacity to participate in deals in such astonishing volumes”. In private negotiations “the company has been exempt from honoring the guarantees” offered, “which has motivated many other lawsuits”.

The company also appears as guarantor of Need Medicines in another contract signed with the Ministry of Health, for the purchase of 10,000 female condoms for R$ 31.5 million.

The guarantee letter, which was part of the acquisition process of the immunizing agent, was signed by Roberto Ferreira Dias, former director of the Ministry’s Logistics Department, who was accused of having pressured employees of the folder to release the Covaxin vaccine. To the CPI, Dias denied the accusations.

As in previous depositions, Júnior goes to the commission with a habeas corpus in hand granted by Minister Carmen Lúcia, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), which gives him the right to remain silent on matters that may incur his own incrimination.

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Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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