Live Democracy in 7/9: memories of the dictatorship in light of the crisis

Twenty debaters, five hours of live broadcast. On the agenda, memories of the struggle against the civil-military dictatorship (1964-1985), in a context marked by new threats of rupture and a government full of members of the Armed Forces. This is the proposal of the Living Democracy Journey, organized by Alameda Casa Editorial and by Opera Mundi, in partnership with the Vladimir Herzog Institute, for September 7th.

The broadcast starts at 1:00 pm and runs until 6:00 pm, with ten discussion tables. The debates will be broadcast live on the pages of Facebook and channels of YouTube from the publisher Alameda and the World Opera.

Check the schedule:

Marcelo Godoy and Deborah Neves
The History of Doi-Codi

1:30 pm to 2 pm
Janaina Teles and Adriano Diogo
Dictatorship and political disappeared

Maria Claudia Badan Ribeiro and Reginaldo Benedito Dias
Resistance to dictatorship – ALN and AP

Clara Ant and Diego Tavares
Unions and workers during the dictatorship

Rafael Trapp and Mário Medeiros
The persecution of intellectuals

Jan Rocha and Bernardo Kucinski
Journalism and censorship during the dictatorship

João Roberto Martins Filho and Maud Chirio
the military in power

Amelinha Teles and Camilo Vannuchi
The history of the Turkeys

Pedro Estevam Serrano and Renato Sérgio de Lima
State of Exception and the military police

Eduardo Reina and José Genoino
Araguaia and the children kidnapped by the dictatorship

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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