Mayor in SP calls coronavac “Doria shit” and vaccine

Report originally published in Esquinas Magazine, from Cásper Libero College

A strong coronavac critic, Everton Sodario (PSL), mayor of Mirandópolis (SP), sees the vaccine produced by the Sinovac laboratory and the Butantan Institute being responsible for 42% of the applications carried out in the city. The information, which counts the applications of the first and second doses carried out until August 11, was obtained exclusively by CORNERS from the treatment of microdata from the public base of the Unified Health System (DATASUS).

In all, around 10,000 inhabitants of the small town in the interior of São Paulo had taken at least one dose of what the mayor, in his social networks, calls “Chinese Doria vaccine”, when he prefers not to use profanity to classify the immunizing agent. Considering the first dose, coronavac – produced by the Butantan Institute in partnership with the Chinese company Sinovac – accounts for 35% of applications (5,423 inhabitants).

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When taking into account the percentage of the population of the city of the mayor who is proud to be known in the city as “Bolsonaro Caipira”, coronavac corresponds to no less than 59% of total complete immunizations (first and second doses), having been applied to 4,590 inhabitants.

Everton Sodario is a staunch follower of the President. Since the governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), took the lead in importing the active ingredient and in the national development of the vaccine from the Sinovac laboratory, he has been constantly and strongly criticizing the immunizing agent, labeled as “improved saline” and “ineffective ” on your Twitter profile. Or even “shit”.

Even representing a significant proportion of immunizations in the city, Sodario never mentions it when he talks about the vaccination schedule in Mirandópolis. On May 5 of this year, the mayor celebrated the advance of vaccination in the city and credited the president with:

“A third of the population of Mirandópolis, that is, almost ten thousand people, have already received at least one dose of the vaccine, and more than five thousand people have already been vaccinated with both doses. Thank you President Bolsonaro”.

It so happens that, at that time, coronacac accounted for 70% of applications performed in the city. Of the approximately five thousand people with a complete vaccine cycle at the time, as celebrated in the message, 92% had done so with the vaccine that Sodario, on previous occasions, had called the “Chinese DitaDória vaccine”.

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The mayor has already published two publications confirming the receipt of batches of vaccines from Pfizer thanking the Federal Government for sending the doses. The immunizing agent from the American pharmaceutical company, however, accounts for only 12% of applications in Mirandópolis – about three times less than coronavac, even though mentioned only in a critical tone.

wanted by CORNERS, Sodario forwarded the questions in the article to the Municipal Communication Department. Celes Junior, chief of the executive cabinet, stated that the mayor’s opinions, published in his personal profile, concern him only. “The city hall fulfilled its role by distributing the doses to the population. In fact, we do not allow lots to expire as in other cities in the region.

The official position of the municipality is available on institutional social networks, while Sodario’s profile only corresponds to his personal opinions.” The question about the application of coronavac even under strong criticism from the mayor went unanswered.

Tânia Pinto, a professor at Faculdade Cásper Líbero and a specialist in Press Office, disagrees with the justification of the Secretary of Communication.

“The profile of the city is fundamental in the immunization campaign, but the mayor cannot fail to take a stand. He is the city hall itself. Mayor, governor and president of the Republic become their own positions during the exercise of their functions, there is no distinction. What a head of the executive branch does represents his management. The manager’s opinion is also that of his administration, there is no separation”, emphasizes Tânia.

Sodario can be considered Brazil’s first Pocket Mayor. He was elected in November 2019, after winning supplementary suffrage. On that occasion, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) revoked the municipal slate elected in 2016, removing Mayor Regina Mustafa (PV) and vice president José Antônio Rodrigues from their positions. Sodario obtained 8,303 votes, which corresponded to 67.85% of the valid total.

It was the redemption of a frustrated campaign in 2018, when he ran as a candidate for state deputy and, with only 12,609 votes, he was not elected – at the time, however, he was the most voted candidate for ALESP in Mirandópolis.

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Militance and protocols

Even though he is the mayor of a city in the interior of the countryside, Sodario is engaged in major themes of national politics and, in his social networks, maintains an ideological position that is far-right. In one of the mayor’s official Instagram photos, he appears dispatching documents in front of a wall with six paintings of political figures: Margaret Thatcher, Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Dom Pedro II and Winston Churchill.

On the side wall, bigger and above the rest, there is a frame with a photo of Sodario himself. In the comments, followers ask, “Where’s the myth picture?”

“Bolsonaro Caipira” and the images of his idols nailed to the wall: the patriot did not select a single Brazilian to appear in his office / Personal archive

As a fanatical follower of Jair Bolsonaro, Everton Sodario strictly complied with the indications without scientific proof recommended by Planalto to fight covid-19, such as the use of hydroxychloroquine and contempt for social isolation. Eduardo Bolsonaro, federal deputy and son of the president of the Republic, even mentioned Sodario and Mirandópolis as a successful case of early treatment.

The use of the city as a showcase for the Pocketnarist sanitary policy went down the drain in March 2021. Although the first nine days of that month registered record rates of cases and deaths, Sodario released a video on the 10th, assuring that he would not take restrictive measures:

“Here in Mirandópolis, we never stop people from visiting their families, from leaving home, from socializing. We cannot forbid people to go out onto the streets, this is unacceptable, it is intolerable”.

Eight days later, the mayor backtracked and adopted restrictive trade protocols – not in time, however, to escape a 40,000 reais fine for non-compliance with the SP Plan. In solidarity with the mayor, a small group organized by pockets of social networks collected almost half of this amount.

Weeks later, a survey by Folha de S. Paulo found that from March 19 to April 19, deaths by covid-19 jumped 170% in Mirandópolis – much more than the state and national increases of 32% and 29 %, respectively.

On August 24, the city had a rate of 342 deaths from the disease per 100 million inhabitants, higher than the average for São Paulo (315 per 100 million) and Brazil (274 per 100 million).

Edition: Vinicius Segalla

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