Modernizing your work wardrobe!

Hello girls!

One of the most bombing issues around here is about work wardrobe! I have already proven by the interaction with the readers of the blog, as well as my image consulting clients, that despite the need to comply with a dresscode in the work environment, no one wants that “funny face” and the lack of “emotion” when it comes to dress up every morning.

So, for today I separated some options of pieces that can make all the difference in your work look! Time to modernize, how about ?!

Look 01: The blazer gives way to the max vest, a piece that is super hot and modernizes any look on the spot! The exchange of accessories is subtle but makes all the difference in the final result. To bring a little shine, the chain used under the collar is a charm!

blogloveshoes-looks-work-modernizing-the-guard-clothing-of-work-02Look 02: The classic pieces in neutral tones have been replaced by more modern ones. The skirt keeps the straight modeling, pencil, but it is suede and has this tie that brings modernity to the look. The accessories are basic in shapes and without details, but color is the difference here, and as I mentioned before, combining the tone of the accessories can give an incredible effect (that story that combining shoes and handbags can’t, it’s over) . Finally, I replaced the classic and discreet earring for a larger necklace, bringing a point of light to this production and highlighting the high collar, which once again had its space in the fashionistas’ closet.

blogloveshoes-looks-work-modernizing-the-guard-clothing-of-work-03Look 03: To conclude today’s suggestions, the good old white shirt! Who doesn’t have one in the wardrobe ?! It is a very versatile piece, which can compose a more conservative look – like the one on the left, when used with equally classic pieces (black tailoring pants, black pumps and nude bag) – or it can turn this modern production with the trousers of the moment (aka pantacourt – for those who want to know more about this trend and have more tips on how to use the piece, click here), a very current bag and our always welcome animal print!

And for those who are looking to update the wardrobe, a tip is to buy cheaper using Discount Coupons! #ficaadica

How about girls, did you find the tips useful ?! Share it here in the comments if you like posts like these, I love giving this type of tip that I apply a lot with my image consulting clients! ????


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