No violence and strength to coup, September 7th opens wide

With the end of the demonstrations in favor of President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party), it became evident that the “pocketnarismo” was isolated in Brasília and São Paulo, in addition to support with some expression in the south of the country. Other than that, there is little or no mobilization in favor of the president. According to parliamentarians and politicians, the low national adhesion and non-adherence to violence weaken the coup robberies of the Planalto Palace.

“It was a defeat and a shame for Bolsonaro. There was not the violence they expected to force the coup”, commented political scientist Rudá Ricci. “The demonstration now taking place on Avenida Paulista reveals that the state of São Paulo is the epicenter of the Brazilian right. The first issue is that Bolsonaro is isolated in São Paulo. He had no weight in Brasília, 5% of the projection made. He’s absolutely weakened,” he finished.

Federal Deputy Orlando Silva (PcdoB-SP) believes that the poor national performance puts the president against the wall in Brasília. “Today, we had a predictable scenario, there were two national acts. In the rest of the country, where there was no money and structure, they were small acts. Bolsonaro moves towards isolation. He radicalized to keep the most fanatics close to him, but he will definitely lose strength on the streets”, he said.

The newspaper Valor Econômico reported that a minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) had received from the Federal District authorities an estimate that 150,000 people were in Brasília to express support for the president. The expected audience for the Bolsonaro family was 3 million people.

On her social networks, PT president Gleisi Hoffmann commented on the numbers. “So far, Bolsonaro’s actions fall short of the effort undertaken and the obscure money used. These are their acts, for them, that demonstrate fear of the chief with an inquiry that involves him in the Supreme Court. Most of the people, who suffer from the crisis, were forgotten by them and also ignored them that day.”

On Twitter, federal deputy Marcelo Freixo (PSB-RJ), also spoke about the demonstrations. “Pocketnarist acts today were not a show of force, they were a confession of despair. The photograph so desired by Bolsonaro is the faithful portrait of a small and isolated president among a herd of fanatics”, concluded the congressman, who is the leader of the minority in the House.

In São Paulo and Brasília, protesters did not hide their desire for anti-democratic measures, such as military intervention and the closing of Congress and the Federal Supreme Court (STF). In banners, signs and speeches, they insisted that Bolsonaro interfere with the other powers.

Juliano Medeiros, national president of the PSOL, criticized. “There is nothing new. They ask for the closing of the STF, the removal of ministers, the printed vote and military intervention with Bolsonaro in power. Nothing that can be made possible. They will be defeated by our fight.”

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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