“Orange” of the PSL of the first Bolsonaro government scandal

The case that sparked the first major scandal by Jair Bolsonaro’s government is not over yet. The “orange” candidate for federal deputy for the PSL of Pernambuco, in the 2018 elections, sentenced the following year to return R$ 380 thousand from the Party Fund to Justice, has not yet paid the payment.

The episode involving Maria de Lourdes Paixão, revealed by the newspaper Folha de São Paulo at the beginning of 2019, it motivated the departure of Bolsonaro from the PSL and the resignation of Gustavo Bebianno, president of the party at the time of the election and the position he held in the government, as minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency.

According to the Regional Electoral Court of Pernambuco (TRE-PE), in response to a question made by the reporter Brazil in fact, the candidate refused a proposal for payment in installments of the debt made by the Federal Government. According to the Court, “the debtor requested a longer period to reduce the value of the installments”.

So far, the rapporteur of the case at TRE-PE has not yet commented on the appeals presented by Maria de Lourdes. In November, the conviction will complete two years. The public money diverted by the candidacy, however, is still far from public coffers.

O Brazil in fact he tried to contact the PSL press office to find out if the acronym supports the candidate in the judicial process and if the funds to be returned to justice will come out of the party’s funds. There was no return until the publication of this report. At the time of the facts, the PSL denied the existence of “orange” candidacies.

According to the state’s Electoral Attorney, Maria de Lourdes was the candidate of the party that received the most funds from the Special Campaign Fund in Pernambuco, totaling R$400,000. She also received the second highest amount of funds in the legend, only behind Luciano Bivar, president of the acronym. The candidate obtained, however, only 274 votes.


On February 10, 2019, a report from sheet he pointed out that the PSL chief, Luciano Bivar, would have promoted an orange candidate in Pernambuco. According to the newspaper, Bolsonaro’s party transferred R$400,000 from the party fund on October 3, just four days before the election.

Maria de Lourdes Paixão applied at the last minute to fill the remaining female quota vacancy.

Candidate’s data in the DivulgaCand system, maintained by the Electoral Court / Reproduction / DivulgaCand

According to the candidate’s accounts, 95% of the money was spent on a single printer, destined to the printing of 9 million holy cards and 1.7 million stickers. Each of the 4 pamphleteers, which she says she has hired, should have distributed around 750,000 holy cards a day.

At the time, Bivar denied that the candidate was orange. He argued that the decision to transfer R$ 400,000 was taken by the national leadership of the party, at the time chaired by Gustavo Bebianno. Following the “push” game, Bebianno, in turn, claimed that the transfer decisions were taken by the state authorities.

At the time, Bebianno was the national president of the PSL and coordinated Jair Bolsonaro’s campaign. He was formally responsible for authorizing transfers of party and electoral funds to candidates of the party.

According to the sheet, he released R$ 250,000 in public funds for the campaign of a former advisor, who transferred part of the money to a printing company registered at a front address. Bebianno denies involvement with orange PSL candidacies.

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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