Paes sanctions a law that establishes a fine for fraud in the

Last Wednesday (15), the mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Paes (PSD) sanctioned a law that determines a fine in the amount of R$1,000 for those who defraud proof of vaccination against covid-19 to access public places and services in the city. If you are a public servant, the fine rises to R$ 1.5 thousand.

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The measure was sanctioned on the same day that the presentation of the “vaccine passport” in Rio de Janeiro became mandatory – which determines that citizens who circulate in the city must present a paper vaccination booklet or the document through the ConnectSUS application to attend gyms, cinemas, salons, tourist spots and other places.

The law that establishes a fine in case of fraud in the proof of vaccination is authored by Átila Nunes (PSD), leader of the Paes government in the Chamber, co-authored by 10 other councilors, and still depends on regulation.

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The proposal was approved by 40 votes to zero last Monday (13) in the House of Councilors. Councilor Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicans), who was against the “vaccine passport”, also voted in favour.

According to the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, the “passport” was already scheduled to be valid from the first week of September, but due to instability in the ConnectSUS application, which will serve as a means of proof, and due to requests for extension of the sectors covered, the measure only took effect last Wednesday (15).

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Mariana Pitasse

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