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The Negro Pastoral Agents (APNs), the Associação Henfil Educação e Comunicação and the newspaper Brazil de Facto MG starting next Saturday (07), the course “Popular Communication: Theory and Transforming Practice”. The initiative will feature 4 virtual meetings, on Saturdays, during the month of August, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

According to João Pio, associate member of the APNs and current coordinator of the institution’s National Training School, “the objective of the course is to prepare the members of the APNs, people from partner institutions, social movements, NGOs and the population in general to work with virtual activism”.

Also according to Pio, the expectation is that the participants will expand their training and capacity for political and social intervention. The course will feature two theoretical classes and two practical workshops on the use of social networks.

Check the schedule:

07/08 – 1st Meeting
Theme: Theory for popular communication: hegemony and political struggle
Advisory: Joana Tavares

14/08 – 2nd Meeting
Theme: Popular communication and racial issue: for a popular project for Brazil
Advisory: Thays Carvalho and Fabiana Benedito

21/08 – 3rd Meeting
Theme: Workshop – Digital activism: social networks, algorithms and engagement
Advisory: Ana Carolina Vasconcelos and Rafaella Dotta

28/08 – 4th Meeting
Theme: Workshop – Popular and accessible design
Advisory: Marcela Nicolas

Registration ends on Friday (06)

To request more information and the link to the registration form, contact the organizers on the phones below:

(31)97544-4523 – João Pio
(11) 94722-4845 – Daniel

Source: BoF Minas Gerais

Edition: Rafaella Dotta

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