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The Piratininga Communication Center (NPC) launched an online kit this week to keep its activities running until the end of the year. Donations on the online platform can be made from R$25. The initiative’s goal is to reach R$ 25,000, the exact amount of expenses for the coming months.

The NPC is made up of a group of communicators, journalists, university professors, graphic artists, illustrators and photographers who work with the objective of improving communication, both in community and popular movements, as well as in unions and other collectives.

Its activities began 29 years ago and the accumulation of these culminated in its legal formalization in 1997, becoming a non-profit civil organization, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro and operating nationwide.

Throughout the period of pandemic and social isolation, which began in March 2020, the NPC continued its activities. Among them, the Popular Communication course and the Annual course, this time in virtual format, and the “Quintas Resistentes” program, which conducted a historic interview with photographer Januário Garcia, who died a few months later, in June this year.

The NPC course is a reference for union members, journalists, social activists, teachers and communication students from all over the country / Disclosure

Another highlight was the “Diário da Pandemia na Periferia”, a website that brought together a series of journalistic articles written by students, alumni and employees of the NPC on the impacts of covid-19 on the lives of workers and favelas in Rio de Janeiro and other cities in Brazil. O Brazil de Facto RJ republished a large part of the reports produced by the Diário during the year 2020.

In 2021, the NPC launched the “6 e Meia no NPC” project, a program aired on the YouTube and in the Facebook from the organization to talk about union communication experiences. In addition, there is a forecast for the launch of the Popular and Union Communication Almanac in the coming months and this year’s edition of the Annual Course.

“That’s why we want to call you, friend and friend of Núcleo Piratininga de Comunicação, who understand the importance of this work, especially in a context of strong attack on popular movements, workers and favelas, to contribute to our cow and thus overcome more this challenge ahead of us. We will account for every penny”, says the NPC in a note.

For more information about other ways to help, just get in touch by email. [email protected]

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Mariana Pitasse

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