Protesters protest administrative reform in Porto

The Civil Servants Front (FSP-RS), together with union centrals in the state, promoted a demonstration, this Tuesday morning (14) in Porto Alegre, against the Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC 32/2020), the called administrative reform, authored by the federal government.

The act was held in front of the Hospital de Pronto Socorro (HPS), from 9:30 am. A sound car was installed that allowed those present to speak. Soon after, there was a walk to the City Hall.

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The objective is to show the population that, if PEC 32 is approved, there will be serious consequences for servers and the service provided to the population.

The mobilization took place nationally, in different states. In parallel, there was mobilization in Brasília, which received caravans of servants. There was mobilization at the airport in the Federal Capital, due to the arrival of parliamentarians who arrived for the work of the Congress. In the afternoon, there is a concentration on the Esplanada dos Ministérios and then on to the Chamber.

The date was chosen due to the functioning of the Special Committee of PEC 32 in the Chamber of Deputies, which will have two deliberative meetings for discussion and voting on the opinion of the rapporteur, Arthur Maia (DEM-BA), starting on Tuesday (14).

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With strong rejection among workers’ organizations, PEC 32 united different civil servant organizations against the reform / @scarlettrphoto/@sintrajud

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During the conclusion of the act, around 10:00 am, the session of the Special Commission that discusses the subject in Brasília began. It was informed in the sound car that there were 53 deputies registered to speak against the approval of the PEC 32 and only 10 registered to speak in favor.

The act was coordinated by Marcelo Carlini, director of Union of Federal Judiciary Workers in RS (Sintrajufe/RS). He informed that, if the proportion that the government had in the approval of the project in the Committee on Constitution, Justice and Citizenship of the Chamber of Deputies (CCJ) is maintained, there are no guarantees of approval of the matter in the plenary.

Therefore, said the leader, the importance of advertising campaigns, billboards and conversations in the workplace increases, which are essential to be able to “put water in the government’s draft beer”, hinder and even prevent the approval of the PEC.

He also recalls that the previous act against PEC 32, on August 18, was the same day that the current administration of Sebastião Melo (MDB) in the Porto Alegre city hall sent the hiring of a consultancy for the delivery of the HPS and the Hospital Materno Infantil Presidente Vargas (HMIPV) for the private sector. In practice, therefore, city halls and municipal governments are already trying to anticipate the effects of PEC 32, making the choice of the HPS for the demonstration even more symbolic.

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PEC 32 affects federal, state and municipal public service

Professor Helenir Aguiar Schürer, president of the State Teachers Center of RS (CPERS Union), stated that the attacks against workers do not stop and that this same movement of resistance by the public service was repeated in a day with a lot of rain.

“I was impacted, right after that action came the news of the privatization of the HPS, a reference hospital for workers in general. I say this because it has no other name, PPP is, in fact, privatization of the public service”, stated the professor , emphasizing that this risk is the same as that which education runs and that these services are paid for by the working population, since the rich, in Brazil, pay practically no taxes.

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Maria “Zeze”, director of the Association of Municipal Teachers of Porto Alegre and representative of the trade union center CSP-Conlutas, stated that it is essential that the community get involved in the struggle and that the country is experiencing a scenario of great famine, inflation and persecution of those who fight. Therefore, according to Maria, it is even more important to unity in order to face these attacks.

The director of Sintrajufe/RS, Arlene Barcellos, recalled the activity carried out in the city of Santa Cruz do Sul, electoral base of deputy Marcelo Moraes (PTB/RS), who is a member of the Special Committee of PEC 32. “That’s what we do. we have to do it, put pressure on the deputies. The report delivered by the Special Committee only gives a rearrangement of the withdrawal of rights, we cannot fool ourselves,” he said.

Arlene also resumed Constitutional Amendment 95, which limited public spending for 20 years in Brazil. With that, he recalled that the withdrawal of rights and the attack on the public service did not start with this PEC 32.

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Marco Brignol, from the Workers Association of HMIPV, also spoke. He expressed concern about the privatization and sale of the HMIPV building, which is a reference maternal and child hospital not only for Porto Alegre, but for the entire state of RS. For Marcos, defending the HMIPV is defending the banner of the totally public SUS.

“Which company will want to take over a public service without taking advantage? Which company will take over without having an economic interest?”, asked Marco.

“Sponsorship PEC”

João Ezequiel, representative of the Union of Municipalities of Porto Alegre (Simpa), welcomed the mobilization of the Front of Public Servants of RS, composed of several entities, and which sent representatives for the mobilization in Brasília. He also reinforced that the administrative reform is “PEC do Apadrinhamento”, which will allow the dismissal of any civil servant, at any time.

“A public servant who denounced the corruption of vaccines in the Bolsonaro government was a public servant,” João said.

The representative of the Union of Federal Public Servants and Employees of RS (Sindiserf/RS), Marizar de Melo, reinforced that the approval of PEC 32 will mean the end of public services. He also asked those present to make an effort to imagine what the health care of the population would be like during the pandemic without public services and the SUS. He also stated that if there had been a federal government concerned with the health of the population, we could have had the best vaccination process in the world.

HPS is an example of the effects of outsourcing

Helita Cruz, from the Association of Servers at the Hospital de Pronto Socorro, said that the HPS can no longer stand scrapping and that servers demand respect and appreciation. In addition, he reinforced that HPS already suffers the effects of health outsourcing.

He reported that the HPS cleaning service is outsourced and that the workers perform a good service, but that, every year, the company that provides the service changes and dismisses employees, without the right to vacation or labor rights. In addition to the constant threat of dismissal, which is very negative when it comes to the service in a hospital that handles complex cases and is a reference in trauma care. According to him, in 21 years of work, he has never seen so much dismantling of the hospital as in the last 5 years.

The act ended with the speech of Eleandra Koch, representing CUT-RS. She reinforced that the HPS is a property of workers in Porto Alegre and that the current city hall’s objective is to deliver this service to the private sector. He also stated that the disregard for this hospital is a warning of what could happen if the administrative reform is approved and that mobilization in the interior will continue, since the calculations of the union centrals indicate that it will be necessary to change the vote of at least six deputies in the state.

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Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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