Racism in Leblon: judge innocents couple who accused

The Rio de Janeiro Courts dismissed the investigation into the crime of libel against a couple who approached a young black man and accused him of stealing an electric bicycle. The case took place on June 12, in front of Shopping do Leblon, in the south of the state capital.

At the time, Matheus Ribeiro, the young man who was accused, even recorded with his cell phone and published a video of the approach of the couple Tomás Oliveira and Mariana Spinelli. Mariana’s bicycle was similar to Matheus’s. In the act, he even showed photos to prove that the bicycle was not stolen, but bought by him.

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Judge Rudi Baldi Loewenkron, of the 16th Criminal Court, accepted the filing request made by Lenita Machado Tedesco, of the 2nd Prosecutor of Criminal Investigation Territorial for the South Zone and Barra da Tijuca. According to the prosecutor, the couple approached Matheus without knowledge of a crime precisely because of their ignorance of the criminal law in question.

In the decision, the magistrate said that the coincidences “led the defendants to believe that they could be in front of the bicycle owned by the defendant”. Despite filing in the criminal area, Tomás and Mariana can still be held civilly liable for the accusation to the surf instructor.

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Five days after the case in Leblon, the Civil Police arrested five days later the real suspect of stealing the bicycle, Igor Martins Pinheiro, known as “Lorão”, a 22-year-old white man with 28 criminal records, 14 of which for theft of bicycle.

Matheus said he was the target of racism: “A nigger on an electric bike? In Leblon? ‘It could only be, I just lost mine, it was him.’ They can’t understand how you are there without having stolen from them, no matter what how much you taste. She has no idea who took her bike, but the first thing that comes to her mind is that some little nigga took it,” he blurted out.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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