Racism in Leblon (RJ): electric bicycle thief is

Judge Alessandra de Araújo Bilac Moreira Pinto, from the 40th Criminal Court of the Capital of the Rio de Janeiro State Court of Justice (TJ-RJ), sentenced Igor Martin Pinheiro, 22, to one year and four months of imprisonment and 10 days of fines for theft of an electric bicycle. The vehicle was parked in a bike rack in front of Shopping Leblon, in the South Zone of Rio, on June 12 this year.

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The magistrate established the semi-open as the initial regime for serving a sentence, without the right to replace the deprivation of liberty sentence with restrictive rights, since Igor has other years in the police for theft. Within 72 hours, the defendant will be transferred to a unit with the system compatible with the semi-open.

At the investigation and trial hearing last Wednesday (25), the accused remained silent during his interrogation. Besides him, Mariana Spinelli, the owner of the stolen bicycle, Tomás Oliveira, Mariana’s boyfriend, and the civil police officer Thomas Jardim were also heard.

Matheus posted a photo with his bicycle on social media shortly after the indictment; unidentified couple was filmed by surf instructor / Breeding

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The case gained repercussions after the owner of the stolen bicycle and her boyfriend approached the surf teacher Matheus Nunes Ribeiro at the mall’s door to ask if he had stolen the vehicle. Matheus, who was waiting for his girlfriend at the place, denied it and showed him old photos of him with a bicycle of the same model. The teacher filmed the discussion with the couple and posted the video on social media.

The defendant, who is known for carrying out several thefts in the neighborhood, selling the goods object of the crimes on internet sites, had been in pre-trial detention since the 17th of June.

Igor was recognized in the images captured by local security cameras, having been approached by civil police days after the incident. At the time he was identified and arrested by police, he was carrying 18-inch pliers in his backpack.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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