Radio Inconfidência turns 85 with employees on strike

The public radio station of Minas Gerais, Rádio Inconfidência, turns 85 this Friday (3). On the air since September 3, 1936, the radio is one of the oldest in the state and transmits AM 880 kHz and FM 100.9 MHz. On short waves it can be tuned to 6010 kHz and 15190 kHz and listened to throughout Brazil.

It is not too much to say that radio is one of the most beloved by listeners from Minas Gerais. Throughout its history, the station known as “Gigante do Ar” was a pioneer in sports, cultural and entertainment broadcasts. It has already had the presence, for example, of great names in Brazilian music, such as Ângela Maria, Cauby Peixoto and Carmen Miranda.

As it is public, it has played an important role in these 85 years of opening space for the diversity of artists from Minas Gerais. It was also the first broadcaster in Minas Gerais to have a female soccer narrator.

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However, some of its most striking democratic features have run into serious obstacles in recent years. Traditional programs were taken off the air and employees fired. Lack of investment plagues the broadcaster, as well as problems with management.

On strike

Against the dismantling of the station, which depends on the government of Minas Gerais under the command of Romeu Zema (Novo), the company’s employees carry out a strike that began on Thursday (2). A restructuring of the positions and careers of workers, with a new Plan of Positions and Salaries (PCS), should increase inequalities and outsourcing within the radio.

Workers protested this Friday (3), at 11 am, at the station’s headquarters in Belo Horizonte. The act, convened by the Union of Professional Journalists of MG (SJPMG) and by the Union of Radio Broadcasters (Sintert-MG), called for the defense of public communication and the valuation of professionals in public examinations. Since Thursday (2), the station is broadcasting only recorded music and programs, given the strike in the category.

Inequality has already started: only radio command increased

The command of the Minas Gerais Communication Company (EMC), which includes Rádio Inconfidência and TV Rede Minas, intends to implement the Positions and Salaries Plan (PCS) and the Careers Law. Proposals that are kept secret by the command of the broadcaster, to which the employees could not yet have full knowledge or participation.

It is already known that the plan intends to end the careers of the radio broadcasters who have been hired by the radio and hand over their functions to an outsourced company. In the career progression rule (salary increase), workers with high school education are being excluded, hitting broadcast operators, who put the radio on the air every day.

In addition, workers demand equal treatment between public servants and “trusted” workers, appointed by the state government to command the radio.

While employees in general have not increased since 2019, the radio command approved for itself a salary increase equivalent to 11 years. Currently, 18 of these workers receive 40% of all payroll spending.

Source: BoF Minas Gerais

Edition: Larissa Costa

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