Reception center for victims of violence

In the month known as Agosto Lilás, to intensify the reception of women victims of violence, the Recife Women’s Secretariat decentralized the activities of the Clarice Lispector Reference Center, which now works at the Compaz Eduardo Campos, in Alto Santa Terezinha; Dom Helder Camara, in Coque; and in the Ariano Suassuna, in the Lamb.

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Each Compaz will have a “Women’s Room”, which will be responsible for the first reception of the citizens. Subsequent service and follow-up can also be done at the Center’s headquarters.

In order to humanize the environments where women are cared for, the Women’s Rooms were prepared with adequate furniture and organization in order to welcome and prevent the exposure of victims.

According to the Recife Women’s Secretary, Glauce Medeiros, the Compaz rooms were already working with preventive measures in relation to violence against women, but now the work will have an important expansion with the decentralization of the Clarice Lispector Reference Center.

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“The rooms of the Women’s Office of the Compaz had the role of prevention, they held dialogue circles, debate groups, movie sessions. Today we inaugurate a new moment, these rooms will also provide the first reception and assistance to women in situation of violence. Any woman who comes to the room needing help, the team will welcome, monitor and make the necessary referrals,” she explained.

The decentralization of Centro Clarice Lispector is one of the actions of a month of programming for the “August Lilás” of the Secretariat for Women. More achievements will be announced throughout the month.

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In Brazil, the Maria da Penha Law, enacted on August 7, 2006, was a milestone to curb domestic and family violence against women. To remember the date, August Lilás was instituted, which aims to intensify the publicity and raise awareness about the legislation.

Source: BoF Pernambuco

Edition: Vanessa Gonzaga

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