Right wins primary election in Argentina and

The results of the primary elections held on Sunday (12) in Argentina surprised everyone. Contrary to what the electoral polls pointed out, the right-wing macrist coalition Juntos por el Cambio (JxC) had a significant higher number of votes throughout the country. Another surprise was the rise of ultra-rightist Javier Milei (Avanza Libertad), who obtained 13% of the votes in the federal capital.

The first concrete thermometer on the reception of the government by Argentine society, the primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory election (PASO) demonstrates the possibility of the JxC returning as a majority in the legislature in the general election, which will take place on November 14th. PASO determines the candidates for the November election, when the country chooses half of the Chamber of Deputies and a third of the Senate.

In the province of Buenos Aires, the country’s largest electoral district, the ruling coalition of President Alberto Fernández, Frente de Todos (FdT), obtained 33.64% of the votes on the national deputy list, while the JxC concentrated 37.99% of the votes , adding the two lists for national deputy presented by the coalition. The Frente de Izquierda (FIT) followed in third place, with 5.22% of the votes in the province, followed by the list headed by Milei, with 4.87% of the votes.

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In the federal capital, ruled by the right for 14 years, the result is as expected, with 48.19% of votes for the JxC, 24.66% for the FdT and the surprise lies in the new third option: the extremist coalition Avanza Libertad, with 13.66% of the votes.

“We listened to the people’s message,” Fernández said after the results. “From tomorrow we will start working to reverse the result in November.”

Fernández highlighted the rapid progress in the country’s vaccination campaign, which reached 12 million people before the primary elections; but he did not fail to make a self-criticism in face of the results of the ballot boxes. “Something we didn’t do well so that they didn’t follow us as we expected. Evidently, we made mistakes. There is a demand from the voters that we couldn’t resolve.”

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