Rio de Janeiro (RJ): Eduardo Paes backs down and denies events

A day after announcing a calendar of events for September to celebrate the opening of the city and the flexibility of measures to fight the covid-19 pandemic, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes (PSD), said this Friday (30th). ) that the holidays will be in 2022, not 2021.

“Clarifications: 1) The holiday is in 2022, not 2021; 2) We won’t have any big event in September; 3) There are 3 opening stages. All of them with masks; 4) Public release in stages 1 and 2 only totally vaccinated; and 5) More conservative than any international experience,” wrote the mayor on his social networks.

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Paes signaled that the gradual opening will depend on what happens in the coming months. “The rules are clear and we will be watching to comply with them”, said the mayor, listing the conditions: “Conservation of the favorable epidemiological scenario, continuity of vaccine arrivals, maintenance of the vaccination performance of cariocas and high complete vaccination coverage above 60 years and comorbidities”.

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The municipal secretary of Health, Daniel Soranz, also made clarifications on the networks: “All restrictions are maintained, any flexibility depends on the items below. We are living in exactly a difficult time and it is necessary to have hope and plan how we will get out of it.
We are working hard to vaccinate as quickly as possible,” Soranz noted.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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