RJ City Hall will require proof of vaccine for environments

The city of Rio de Janeiro announced this Friday morning (27) that from September 1st, it will be mandatory to present proof of vaccination indoors in the city. The measure also applies to tourists visiting the city.

According to the new decree, spaces such as museums, cinemas, theaters, gyms, for example, can only be accessed by those who present proof of vaccination, with at least the first dose.

Three other resolutions were also published in the city’s Official Gazette on Tuesday (27) regarding the “vaccination passport”. According to the new rules, proof of vaccination will be required to perform elective surgeries and to continue receiving the Carioca Family Card. In addition, the restrictive measures were extended until September 13th.

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During the press conference held at the presentation of the epidemiological bulletin, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes (PSD), explained the reason for the new resolutions.

“Our goal is to protect people who believe in science and get vaccinated, and also to get people vaccinated. It is not conceivable that people who think they will protect themselves without the proper application of the immunizing agent, think they will have a life They won’t have it. They’ll have difficulties when it comes to having this elective surgery, an income transfer program, and at leisure,” he said.

Proof of the vaccine can be made through the digital vaccination card from ConnectSUS, the physical booklet itself or a letterhead from the Municipal Health Department. People who took only the first dose also need to show that their turn has not yet come.

Check the locations that will require the “vaccine passport”:

– Gyms, swimming pools, training and fitness centers and social clubs;

– Olympic villages, stadiums and sports gymnasiums;

– Cinemas, theaters, concert halls, game rooms, circuses, recreation
children’s and skating rinks;

– Entertainment activities, except when expressly prohibited;

– Touristic places, museums, galleries and art exhibitions,
aquarium, amusement parks, theme parks, water parks,
presentations and drive-in;

– Conferences, conventions and trade fairs.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Jaqueline Deister

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