“Rooster” appears to the police to explain the reasons for the

Paulo Roberto da Silva Lima, from São Paulo and app deliverer, known as “Galo”, will voluntarily present himself at 12:00 pm this Wednesday (28), at the 11th Police District of Santo Amaro.

The agency is investigating those allegedly involved in the fire on the statue of Borba Gato, last Saturday (24), in the south of São Paulo. The collective “Revolução Periférica” has already claimed responsibility for the fire.

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Lima’s defense said he recognizes his participation in the act and that he is willing to collaborate with the investigations.

The decision to report to the police came after the defense found an ongoing temporary arrest warrant against Galo and after the arrest in flagrante delicto of Thiago Vieira Zem, who was allegedly responsible for driving the truck used to transport people and tires to the location of the demonstration. Zem has already been released.

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“He will report to the District Police. He claims that he was one of those responsible for setting fire to the statue. He’ll go there, tell him about his actions and his reasons,” said Jacob Filho, Galo’s lawyer.

The defense also stated that Galo is aware of the possibility of being detained in the DP, but will still present himself. “He goes blind, not knowing if he can be arrested or not,” said Jacob.

The possible arrest has also been challenged by the defense: “A crime in which there was no violence against the person. So I can’t understand what the legal reasons are for him to be arrested. People are not arrested for thinking, for doing what they believe.”

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In the document sent to the DP to schedule the presentation of Galo, the defense also requests access to the investigation. “The defense is not aware of the records of the ongoing investigation and, also, any separate records that contain the aforementioned petition for the petitioner’s arrest. (…) Therefore, it requires that access be granted to the main police investigation and also to the records of any precautionary measures decreed, so that the petitioner and the defense are aware of all the documented evidence”, says the defense in the petition.

Manuel Borba Cat

The burning of the statue of Borba Gato is part of a movement of actions that defend the demolition of monuments that exalt characters of the enslavement of Afro-descendant and indigenous peoples. In the case of Manuel de Borba Gato, he made his fortune, in the second half of the 18th century, hunting indigenous people across the country’s backlands to enslave.

Also in September 2016, the statue dawned stained with ink, in a repudiation of its figure, as well as the Monument to the Flags, in Praça Armando Salles de Oliveira, in Ibirapuera.

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statues around the world

Elsewhere in the world, the movement is the same. In Richmond, Virginia, United States, a statue of Christopher Columbus, named in history as the first European conqueror to reach America, was torn down, set on fire and thrown into a lake.

In the same city, the statue of Jefferson Davis, an American soldier who defended the maintenance of slavery in the USA, was also torn down. Likewise, in Bristol, England, a statue of ​Edward Colston, slave trader and member of the British Parliament in the 17th century, was toppled and thrown into a river.

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