Short film recorded in Recife community will be shown

The Festival do Rio, one of the biggest in Latin America, had its 2020 edition postponed and, only now, in August, it will be held. The festival’s program includes the screening of productions that premiered at the end of 2019, such as the Pernambuco short film Rosário.

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With participation in the Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema, in Salvador; at Janela Internacional de Cinema, in Recife; at Tiradentes Film Festival and international festivals such as Cine Por Los Derechos (Colombia) and Porto Femme (Portugal), Rosário, a short film from Pernambuco by directors Igor Travassos and Juliana Soares, was selected to be part of the special programming of Premiere Brasil – main exhibition of the Festival do Rio – which will take place from August 5th to 11th only at Estação Net Botafogo.

Due to current sanitary protocols, there will be face-to-face screening sessions with a reduced number of people, but stop people from Pernambuco and Pernambuco who wish to watch, the online sessions will start on the platform on the day of the face-to-face session and are available for a maximum of , 48 hours, within the exhibition limit of each production.

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story of a marketer

The film, which was filmed at the fair in Casa Amarela and at Morro da Conceição, tells the story of a market vendor who has the habit of listening to police programs and praying for the victims and suspects involved in the dawn crimes. In the cast, the short features names such as Laís Vieira, Okado do Canal, Clebia Sousa and Mohana Uchôa.

With a cast and crew mostly composed of black people, the production aimed to democratize opportunities on set, contrary to the traditional team models used in Pernambuco cinema. The film also has communicational accessibility features (audio description, pounds and subtitles for the deaf and deaf), allowing people with disabilities to access the content.

Source: BoF Pernambuco

Edition: Vanessa Gonzaga

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