Starts this Saturday (11) free course on environmental crisis

The environmental crisis is advancing more and more in the world and it becomes urgent to debate the challenges, global threats and possible solutions. To deepen studies on the subject, the International Political Formation Collective and the International Assembly of Peoples are carrying out a series of Seminars on Capitalism and the Environmental Crisis.

The course will bring together experts from different countries in classes that will be taught by professors, researchers and activists, with two seminars at each stage, one aimed at countries located in the western region of the world and the other for those in the eastern region.

The first seminar starts this Saturday (11) at 9 am (GMT) with the theme “Attack of capital to the environment”. The meeting will address how the structural crisis of capitalism is affecting the environment, in addition to the role of financialization of economies in environmental dynamics and the international division of labor and its impact on the environmental issue.

For the western region of the world, which is the case in Brazil, the class will be with John Bellamy Foster, editor of Monthly Review and professor of sociology at the University of Oregon (USA), as well as a renowned researcher in political economy and environmental sociology. The broadcast will be in English, with translation into Spanish and Portuguese.

As for transmission in the eastern region of the globe, the seminar will be with Tejal Kanitkar, who is a professor at the School of Natural Sciences and Engineering at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru (India), as well as a mechanical engineer specializing in energy planning and policy and mitigation of climate change.

The class will be broadcast at 9 am in Accra (Ghana), 10 am in Tunis (Tunisia), 11 am in Johannesburg (South Africa) and Madrid (Spain), 12 pm in Beirut (Lebanon) and 14:45 in Kathmandu (Nepal). This broadcast will be in English with Arabic translation.

The course has a total of four seminars, with two hours of duration each, always on the second Saturday of each month, until December. The course is aimed at activists and leaders of political organizations and popular movements and is open to the general public interested in the topic.

To participate in seminars and discussions, it is necessary to register, free of charge, using this form.

It is also possible to watch the lectures through the profiles on the social networks of the International Peoples Assembly, by Alba Movimientos and Pan Africanism Today.

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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