The cost of the basic food basket in Brasília was the one that rose the most in 12

The average cost of the basic food basket in the Federal District is the highest in the country in the last 12 months, according to the Inter-Union Department of Socioeconomic Studies and Statistics (Dieese). Between August 2020 and August 2021, the percentage of product increase in the country’s capital was 34.13%, the highest value among 17 surveyed capitals. Well behind Brasília, appear the cities of Campo Grande (25.78%), Porto Alegre (25.74%) and Florianópolis (24.24%).

Released this week, Dieese’s monthly survey shows that, in August, the cost of the basic food basket increased in 17 cities and decreased in four. The biggest hikes of the month were registered in Campo Grande (3.48%), Belo Horizonte (2.45%) and Brasília (2.10%). The capitals where the cost decreased were Aracaju (-6.56%), Curitiba (-3.12%), Fortaleza (-1.88%) and João Pessoa (-0.28%).

The most expensive basket was from Porto Alegre (R$ 664.67), followed by Florianópolis (R$ 659.00), São Paulo (R$ 650.50) and Rio de Janeiro (R$ 634.18). The lowest values ​​were registered in Aracaju (R$ 456.40) and Salvador (R$ 485.44). In Brasília, the average value of the basic food basket was R$ 594.59, the eighth highest value among the capitals surveyed.

Based on the most expensive basket that, in August, was that of Porto Alegre, Dieese estimates that the minimum wage needed should be equivalent to R$ 5,583.90, which corresponds to 5.08 times the current national floor of R $1,100. The calculation is made taking into account a family of four, with two adults and two children.

The average time needed to purchase the products in the basket, in August, was 113 hours and 49 minutes (average among the 17 capitals), greater than in July, when it was 113 hours and 19 minutes.

When comparing the cost of the basket with the net minimum wage, that is, after the deduction related to Social Security (7.5%), it appears that the worker paid by the national floor committed, in August, 55.93% ( average among the 17 capitals) of the net minimum wage to buy basic foodstuffs for an adult. In Brasília, to buy a basic food basket, those who receive the minimum wage commit 58.44% of their income.

The National Survey of Basic Food Basket (PNCBA), developed by Dieese, is a continuous survey of the prices of a set of food products considered essential, such as sugar, rice, beans, potatoes, milk, butter, wheat flour, oil. soy, beef, among others.

Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Marcia Silva

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