Truckers strike in 15 states and Bolsonaro

The Ministry of Infrastructure released a bulletin on the situation of roadblocks made by truck drivers on the roads and informed that, at 12:30 am on Thursday (9), concentration points were registered on federal highways in 15 states.

The states mentioned by the ministry, according to the Federal Highway Police (PRF), are: Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Espírito Santo, Mato Grosso, Goiás, Bahia, Minas Gerais, Tocantins, Rio de Janeiro, Rondônia. Maranhão, Roraima, São Paulo and Pará.

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The stoppages of truck drivers began during anti-democratic demonstrations on Independence Day, on Tuesday (7). They continue to protest even after the end of the acts called by President Jair Bolsonaro (no party). The agendas were not clearly disclosed by leaders and associations.

Union and truck driver organizations have refuted the idea that protests demand better conditions for workers. Wallace Landim, the Chorão, one of the leaders of the category and president of Abrava (Brazilian Association of Motor Vehicle Drivers), said that the protesters represent a tiny portion of the truck drivers and are not related to the category’s agenda.

Bolsonaro recorded an audio, on Wednesday night (8), asking truck drivers who demonstrate to clear the roads. In the message, he says that the blockades “hinder the economy”. The president’s request was reinforced by the minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio de Freitas.

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“Tell the truck drivers that they are our allies, but these roadblocks are hampering our economy. This causes shortages, inflation. It harms everyone, especially the poorest”, says Bolsonaro, in the audio that circulates in the groups of truck drivers in the Whatsapp and would have been sent by the president to one of the category leaders.

“Leave it to us here in Brasília. It is not easy to negotiate, to talk here with other authorities, but we are going to do our part, we are going to find a solution for that”, says the president, in the message.

At the end of the night of this Wednesday (8), Tarcísio de Freitas sent a video to the truck drivers confirming the authenticity of Bolsonaro’s audio and reinforcing the appeal for the liberation of the roads: “The audio [do presidente Jair Bolsonaro] it’s real, it’s from today and shows the president’s concern with the truck drivers’ strike. This stoppage would aggravate the effects of the economy of inflation that would impact the poorest, the most vulnerable”.

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“We know that everyone is concerned about improving the situation in the country and solving serious problems, but we cannot try to solve a problem by creating another and especially harming the most vulnerable. […] Let’s trust in this approach, in the dialogue and let’s go ahead”, says Tarcísio.

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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