Under protests from the opposition, the Chamber approves ‘PL da Grilagem’;

The plenary of the Chamber of Deputies approved, by 296 votes to 136, the basic text of the Bill (PL) 2633/20, called “PL da Grilagem” for regularizing the undue occupation of public lands and facilitating environmental deforestation. There was only one abstention. After lawmakers deliberate on the highlights (suggestions for change), the text goes to the Senate for evaluation.

The acronyms PT, PSB, PDT, Psol, PCdoB, PV and Rede guided their benches to reject the proposal, while PSL, PL, PP, PSD, MDB, PSDB, Republicans, Solidarity, New and Citizenship asked the parliamentarians to give the green light to the project.

::Understand how the cattle will pass if the “PL da grilagem” is approved in Congress::

The measure serves the interests of the ruralist caucus, one of the arms of the Bolsonaro administration, and faces widespread rejection by specialists and popular movements. The dispute was again resisted by opposition deputies, who tried to obstruct the vote, but ended up defeated by the majority.

Once again, the attempt to speed up the debate that makes rules for land regularization more flexible was the target of protests. Greenpece, for example, released a public statement shortly after the vote, noting that the version approved by the plenary was not officially presented to society before the vote.

“All this, during the pandemic, in the face of corruption scandals and deforestation and burning in the Amazon, once again setting records. Instead of preventing and combating environmental crime and schemes organized by big robbers of public lands, the Chamber legalizes what is illegal”, criticizes the NGO.

The coordinator of Public Policies at the entity, Mariana Mota, points out that the approval of PL 2633 is yet another “regression” in the environmental area. “The message these deputies send to Brazilians is that it is worth invading and deforesting public land. There is no one happier than a grileiro at this moment, having the government and Congress at their service. Deforestation and land violence are gaining a huge boost today.”

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Greenpeace recalled on Tuesday that the content that dictates the essence of the proposal had already received criticism from multiple sectors, such as religious authorities, scientists, environmentalists, jurists, human rights defenders and certain segments of agribusiness.

“By approving the legalization of the theft of public lands, Lira and other allies of Bolsonaro in Congress show that they are on the side of crime and environmental devastation. It is now up to the senators to prevent this setback that the Chamber of Deputies has just approved”, the document adds.

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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